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I'm back! I'm so sorry it took a while before I updated again.
I got really motivated when one of my fave chanbaek author voted a lot of in the previous chapters and when a lot of you were asking for a new chapter, then I decided to update despite being busy with school work.

without further udo here is chapter 14!


Sparkling eyes, wide smile, bright attitude, and a beautiful person overall.

That was Jongin's ideal type.

When he got into the elevator with Baekhyun he didn't realize what a beauty he was until their eyes met. Cliché, but it was true. He didn't get to see his face immediately but as soon as he did he felt a small flutter in his heart. It may be small but he was sure he felt it.

Baekhyun was a beauty, his voice was so mellow it could make him fall madly for him. His height was perfect for him and his cute face and pouty lips were all perfect for Jongin.

He was so his type.

But now, in front of him is a scene he didn't expected. His hyung was beside Baekhyun staring as if they were madly in love with each other . It looked a lot like the movies he watched with Sehun, where two people fell in love at first sight.

He just got inside the shop after Junmyeon called him to asked if he was alright. Now he's standing in front of them not knowing how to break their gaze at each other.

"Damn, I thought I had a chance with Baekhyun" he whispered to himself. Enough with blasphemy, he just assumed to himself that Baekhyun was pointing out to him when he was giving hints about his so called crush.

"Stupid Jongin, why is it that everyone I like is either straight, taken, or simply just not interested in me?"

Jongin had enough of waiting and impatiently walked straight at them and called out the both of them.

They immediately snapped out of their gazes and turned back to look at Jongin standing in front of them. Baekhyun was red flush while Chanyeol was smiling widely at him before greeting Jongin

"Sup lil' bro" he greeted before hugging Jongin tightly.

"Hi hyung" he smiled sincerely.

They hugged for a few seconds but Baekhyun was still frozen at his spot, still not processing what just happened a few seconds ago.

"Jongin, why won't you introduce me to your friend?" Chanyeol asked, desperate to be acquainted with Baekhyun. Jongin quickly understood him and wasted no time in introducing the both of them.

"Hyung, this is my friend Baekhyun and Baekhyun this is the one and only Park Chanyeol"

Baekhyun immediately took Chanyeol's hand and shook it aggressively, loving the contact he's experiencing.

I mean Baekhyun was Chanyeol's number one fan what did you expect.

"Nice to meet you I'm Baekhyun" he smiled.

Baekhyun is literally desperate for more contact with Chanyeol. This only happens once in a lifetime and how lucky was he to be friends with Jongin. His eyes glimmered every time he would look at Chanyeol and his heart feels like it would jump if this would continue. Baekhyun then snapped out off his thoughts when Jongin's cellphone got a notification and he noticed that he was holding Chanyeol's hand for too long already. He then removed his hand away and put it inside his pocket.

It was after a few seconds when Jongin read the text he got and became rather quite serious and a a bit of scared when he read the message.

"I'm sorry guys, I just had an unexpected visitor coming to my apartment in a minute.

He quickly got his things but before going out he said
"Get to know each other, I promise we'll hangout soon" he left Chanyeol and Baekhyun alone at the cafe after that. Baekhyun just stared at Jongin leaving the cafe, realizing how awkward it would be alone with Chanyeol. It was awkward for a minute before Baekhyun broke the ice asking

"Who do you think was it?" to Chanyeol.

Chanyeol looked down at him before replying back with a soft smile. "It was Kyungsoo"

"Why was he so scared then?" Before Chanyeol replied he sat down at one of the chairs and patted the sit beside him motioning Baekhyun to sit next to him. Baekhyun nervously sat down, and Chanyeol surprised him by whispering to his ear

"Cause' he isn't ready to meet him yet" Baekhyun immediately blushed with his action and immediately turned red.

"Say Baekhyun, why don't we get to know each other more?" he whispered again in his ear while playing with his fingers. Chanyeol was teasing Baekhyun, loving the reaction he's getting. Baekhyun's shy smile along with his pinkish and puffy cheeks is the look that makes Chanyeol's heart beat the fastest.

"Baekhyun-sshi, why don't we go on a little date today? Just you and me" Chanyeol whispered again, almost wanting to gobble up the small man beside him for being too cute. Baekhyun then slowly nodded and looking at Chanyeol on the eyes before saying

"Let's go!" Baekhyun stood up grabbing Chanyeol's hand.

"Oh, wait!" Baekhyun exclaimed, he realized that he was going out with Park Chanyeol without no makeup. He let go of Chanyeol's hand and excused himself to go to the washroom. He stood up and walked fast, bumping himself on a table beside him. Chanyeol saw that and chuckled on his seat.

Chanyeol decided to patiently wait at the table for Baekhyun, already loving him after just a short period of time he knew him. While he was deeply thinking, he remembered why he even came here at the first place, it was for Jongin. He remembered Jongin, and was concerned on how he was going to handle the situation with Kyungsoo himself. Chanyeol hopes that he was going to tell Kyungsoo his real feelings and that he needed time away from him.

'I wish him the best of luck' he thought

Meanwhile Jongin arrived at his apartment seeing Kyungsoo in front of the door waiting for him. Kyungsoo was wearing a coat and he had his glasses on. Even from behind he knew it was Kyungsoo. He was about to reach out to Kyungsoo but Kyungsoo noticed him and turned around. Their faces where inches apart and Jongin felt his heart beating so loudly against his chest. His breath got stuck and he couldn't speak a word, he was star strucked with Kyungsoo.

And there he realized, that no person could even stand a chance on making his heart beat, when its opponent is Do Kyungsoo.


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