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one of the employee greeted Chanyeol and Jongdae once they arrived at the cafe. The cafe was just a block away from sm and it only took Chanyeol and Jongdae five minutes to walk there. Jongdae imediately walked straight to the counter since he was craving for coffee since earlier. Chanyeol noticed that Jongdae suddenly froze when he saw the employee on the counter. He was star strucked Chanyeol thought.

"I'll just get one espresso" Chanyeol said, not wanting to distrupt them, he sat at one of the tables at the back. He took out his phone to waste some time since his friend might take a while. He opened his Instagram scrolling down his phone to view his friends recent posts, while scrolling down an ad pop out.

'Let us satisfy your needs. Click sxxhub.com to help you' it said.

It also has a two men fucking each other on the couch as the picture. 'porn ads are taking over everything these days' Chanyeol thought. He was about to scroll down when he accidentally clicked it. "Ugh" Chanyeol said out of frusturation. It redirected the ad to another app which was 'Safari' and it opened up a porn site. A video suddenly played it was called 'Byun Baekhyun masturbating over the king of kpop' He was about to delete the page but his curiosity with the man in the video made him stay.

He had white pale skin with no any sort of blemish in his whole body, straight fluffy black hair, and plump and pink lips. What's worst was the man was calling out his name while fingering his asshole. "Ugh Chanyeolliee" he moaned. Chanyeol immediately turned down the volume, good thing was that Chen and Chanyeol were the only costumers in the cafe. He got immediately hard from the mans moans.

Jongdae was now finished talking to the employee and was walking towards Chanyeol's table. To Chanyeol's dismay he needed to close the tab now, he bookmarked the page and hurriedly deleted the page.Jongdae was more than happy when he arrived at Chanyeol's table.

"What's shaking baby?" Chanyeol asked. "I got his number" Jongdae replied with a big grin forming on his face. "I've taught you well" Chanyeol said with a smirk. "So apparently he owns this coffee shop, and he said he's a fan of mine" Jongdae was more than proud of himself cause for the first he thought that he has a chance with the person he likes.

Only his close friends knows that ever since he was elementary Jongdae told them that the girl he liked rejected him for being a 'nerd'. Then when he was in middle school he liked a close friend of his and when he told her that he likes her, she ran away and never noticed him back ever again. That time Jongdae was devastated, he hated the word 'love', and would always cry at the field in their school thinking where he went wrong.

That was until a fellow senior with the name of Xiumin changed that. Xiumin was a football varsity and was well known in their school, what surprised him was that he gave him a can of coffee from the vending machine on a cold winter evening when he saw him crying at the benches beside the field.

"Don't worry its still hot" Xiumin said,  while handing the coffee to Jongdae.

Jongdae quickly wiped his tears and slowly looked up not believing that the well known senior Xiumin was talking to a loser like him.

"Why are you crying?" Xiumin softly asked while he sat down beside Jongdae at the benches. "Nothing important. Just a girl I liked rejected me because I'm a nerd and a loser" Jongdae replied with his head hanging low.

"Aren't you the one who always sings the national anthem in ceremonies, and the one who won the singing contest in school? Kim Jongdae was it?" Xiumin asked curiously, Jongdae then nodded back at him. Xiumin then grabbed both of his hands and looked at him in the eyes, which suprised Jongdae.

"I dont think you're a nerd and a loser at all. You have such a good voice that could make people fall for you. I also think you're quite handsome as well, just style yourself a bit." Jongdae immediately blushed at his comment.

"That girl will surely regret rejecting you." Xiumin smiled.

He continued saying "You should be a singer one day, try auditioning for an entertainment, there's a big chance that you'll pass" Jongdae was about to reply back until their coach called out for Xiumin. Xiumin quickly stood up and went down but he stopped and shouted at Jongdae.

"If you ever confessed to me, I wont reject you!" He yelled before going back to the field.

That inspired Jongdae to audition for SM Entertainment that year.

His words also inspired him to name himself Chen, short for 'chance' and 'change'

The day before he was leaving his school for good to train in SM, he left a simple note for Xiumin beside his training bag as a thank you gift. He left a can of hot coffee from the vending machine the same as the one Xiumin gave him and beside the can was a note saying

'Sometimes simple words of encouragement can cause a big change in someones life.' -Jongdae

After that Jongdae went out to become one of the most well known singers in korea. They never saw each other again, but Xiumin heard a lot about Jongdae and became a fan of him.

Both hoping that one day they meet again

And they did, at this very day. Its just that Jongdae didn't know that the man who inspired him to be who he is now, is the man who he just gave his number, the coffee shop owner named Kim Minseok.


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