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Echo did it. After the horrible talk with Octavia and Cooper, we, except for Indra, went to the room with all the computers. At first nothing happened and we were all just talking a little bit about life before every little shitty thing happened.

Clarke told us about all the things she did on earth when she was alone and we were up there. She told us that she almost killed herself and that broke my heart. I coulnd't imagine her trying to kill herself, ever. She's such a strong girl, she has always been. But I know that every person she loved died, Finn, Lexa, and that left a huge impact on her. It broke her but she tried to hide that. And then we left. That was probably the drop.

Then Bellamy and I told Clarke about all the things we did up there. In space. Though it wasn't as exciting as Clarke, it still was a good story. We told her about all the difficulties we had with Lincoln when he was a baby. All the arguments with the others. And about all the times we laughed with each other.

After we talked, Clarke was shocked when she looked at the computer. The only thing she said was that Echo did it and Bellamy and I were immediately rushing to look at that screen. In we saw that she indeed had done it. And I couldn't be more proud of her.

I know that it's probably really hard for Echo there. I know how Diyoza and her people are. They are cruel and I'm surprised that Echo got them to trust her. But she's got the help of a lot more people there. Raven and Kane and Abby.

Murphy isn't there with them apparently. He's hiding somewhere with Emori. And I hope that they are safe and not dead or hurt.

"She actually did it," I say with a smile.
Now we can go save the rest of out people. I haven't seen Raven and Murphy for too long. I'm not gonna lie, I missed them. Even Murphy.

I don't know how they're doing. What Diyoza is doing to them. I'm just praying to god that they are alive and not hurt.


I haven't left this room for hours. I couldn't help it. They all tried to get me out of this room, even Lincoln, but I don't want to lose the signal. And what if someone tries to communicate with us and there is no one here?

After a while they all just gave up and they sat with me. We were talking about how we are going to save all of our people there. But it's hard to think of a plan when Octavia is probably not going to agree with anything. All she wants to do is kill them.

"How are we going to figure out a plan if it's for sure not goin to work? Octavia won't agree to it," Monty says trying to think of something.

I was trying to think of something as well. We all were. But then Clarke suddenly came into the room and surprised us all. She shut down the computer. That was our only source.

"What the hell Clarke?" I say angry while I stand up from my chair. I can't believe she just did that. After all the hard work we all did. Echo even left us to go to the other side to try to save us all and then Clarke does this.

She grabs the walkie and talks to Diyoza about the valley. I don't want to share that valley. No one wants to share it.

"Octavia is never going to share the valley," Monty says when Clarke is done talking to Diyoza.

"That's why we're going to take her out."
I immediately look at Bellamy worried about his reaction. It's his sister. He would do anything to protect her despite the horrible things she has done.


We discussed how we are going to take Octavia out. I mean, Bellamy and Clarke discussed it, I walked away not wanting to be apart of it. And I can't believe that Bellamy wants to be apart of it.

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