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The thought of Roan being in love with me has been stuck for a while now. I don't know what to think of this. I still don't know if it's the truth or if it was a lie. I don't know if I can trust Echo on this. But if it is true then what am I going to do? What if Roan is really in love with me and when he wakes up he intends to keep me here so he can make me fall in love with him? Which is never going to happen because I'm already in love with Bellamy.

I was planning to tell Bellamy about what Echo wants me to do. But when I got back to the place where they were locked up they were all gone. One of the guards told me that he had to let them out from Echo. And now I can't find them. I've been looking for a while now but I can't seem to find anyone that doesn't belong to Azgeda.

So for some reason I'm now walking back towards the room where Roan was lying in to see if Echo is still there. Maybe she can tell me where they are. I really want to tell Bellamy about what Echo said but it's going to be hard when I can't find him.

"Hey Echo, have you seen- oh my god," I say shocked when I see Abby and Clarke standing by Roan. Octavia is standing somewhere else and she is looking through a small creek to see what is happening outside. I didn't know they were here and the three guys lying dead on the ground are telling me that they are not supposed to be here.

"What the hell do you think you guys are doing?" I ask them softly while I walk towards Clarke and Abby. They are doing something to Roan but I can't see what. But when I get close enough I see that there is some kind of scissor in the place where the bullet is. Clarke turns around shocked.

''You're alive,'' she says with wide eyes.

I frown at her words and look a bit shocked at her. Why would I be dead? I'm alive and standing right here looking at Abby who is trying to save Roan I think.

''They told us that Echo killed you. Bellamy is now talking to her and he's furious,'' Clarke explains while she pulls me into a hug. I hug her back but don't really enjoy it or something like that. Why would they tell them that Echo killed me.

Then it clicks in my head. She wants them to think I'm dead so when they leave I will think that they just left me. I would think that if I didn't know what she did. She's different than I thought. I bet that everything she told me minutes ago that that isn't true as well.

''She wants me to marry Roan. Apparently he is in love me with and he needs a queen. That's probably why she told you guys that I'm dead,'' I explain to her.

I suddenly hear people shout outside and I quickly look at Octavia.

''Octavia, what's happening?'' I ask her while I walk towards her.
I look outside and see that Echo has Bellamy laying on the ground with a knife pressed against his throat.

''Screw this,'' Octavia says while she walks away from the little opening in the wall. She walks towards Clarke and Abby and I look at them. That's when I see that the scissor is no longer in Roan's chest. That means that the bullet is out.

''Come on. It's time to go,'' Octavia says to mother and daughter.

''No I need more time,'' Abby says while she shakes her head.
''There is no time,'' I say while I look at them.

''If Roan doesn't wake up, we're all dead,'' Clarke says.
I take one last look on Bellamy outside and then I walk towards the three girls who are standing by Roan.

''We are dead anyway,'' I say a little bit angry.

Suddenly there is banging on the door and I quickly turn around. I stand in front of the three behind me ready to do something I really don't want to do.

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