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I lost too much blood. I can't keep my eyes open anymore and it's hard to stay awake. I was trying to turn their attention to Gaya, that she needs more help but I kind of regret that now. I can feel the car stopping and I feel someone picking me up and carrying me out of the car calling for Jackson. 

''Madi... -'' 
I wanted to tell them to take Madi with me cause I don't want her to get hurt. She ran away from everyone and now that she's back I don't know what will happen. I wanted to tell them but it's hard when you can't stay awake and can't seem to find your voice. 

The last thing I remember is the searing pain going through my leg, like someone is sticking their finger into the bullet hole. After that I didn't hear anything anymore, the only thing I could feel was my heartbeat. 


I hear a lot of people groaning and crying and I'm scared to open my eyes. I don't want to see the damage that this war has caused. But I also know that it is inevitabel. I have to open my eyes, so I do. I look at the ceiling not daring to look around me. 

''You're awake.'' 
I look to my left and see Madi sitting next to Gaia. I smile a little and nod. 

''It takes more than a bullet to take me out,'' I say softly. 
I wish that was right. I almost died so a bullet could easily do the job, I just don't want her to worry. Since she doesn't have Clarke right now, I know she's looking for someone else to rely on. And that someone else is usually me, not only for Madi, but for a lot of people. I know that if Madi wasn't the commander right now, that a lot of people would have looked up to me. 

I see Bellamy and Indra walk in and they walk over to us. Bellamy sits down on a chair that was standing next to my bed and he takes me hand. We don't say anything to each other for a few seconds before Bellamy starts talking to Madi. 

''It's time, Madi. Everyone will follow you, but you have to lead them.'' 
''I don't want to lead them into a massacre.'' 

I sit up straight and frown. What are they talking about? 
''We have the numbers Heda. As long as we press forward, we'll make it through,'' Indra says. 
I decide to stay quiet for a little while longer until I'm sure that I know what they're talking about. 

''I'm not worried about myself. Look around you. There has to be a better way then rushing back in to those guns,'' Madi says. 
I'm quite proud of her for saying that she's not worried about herself. That she's not doing this for herself. That's what a commander should say. 

''Ask the commanders.'' 
We all look at Gaia surprised and ready to do anything if something goes wrong. Madi stands up and Indra quickly takes her hand. 

''How Seda? They only talk to me in my dreams and show me what they want me to see,'' Madi says shocked. Gaia puts her hand on Madi's cheek and starts explaining how. As soon as Madi's done she looks at us. 

''I have a plan.'' 
I smile and try to slowly stand up. 

''Well great. Let's get started then,'' I say only to be pushed back onto the bed I was lying on. 
Bellamy looks at me and shakes his head. They all look at me like I'm crazy.

''What? You seriously don't think I'm going to stay here right?''
Just by looking at them I see that they do. They want me to stay here? Are they crazy? I'm not going to let them fight without me. I don't want to lay here in bed and have someone come to me to tell me that Bellamy died, or that Madi is wounded. I don't want to stay here being useless.

After a while the three of them walk away discussing the plan and I look at Gaia. 
''You're going, aren't you?'' She asks me. 
''Hell yeah.'' 


It didn't take me long to convince Jackson to let me go. It only took me a glare and a threat and I was off. I saw Bellamy and Echo get into the car ready to take off and I started to walk faster. Even though my leg still hurts a bit I'm trying not to think about it too much. While I'm walking to the car I see everyone lined up, ready to take off, ready to fight. 

The car starts and I start to run now. Just before it drives away I can grab the handle and stand on the bumper. 
''What was that?'' I can hear Echo ask. 

I open the door while the car is driving and hold on to the handle to not fall. I get into the car and sit next to Echo while Emori is still driving the car. I'm actually shocked that I did that and that I didn't fell seeing the circumstance I'm in with my leg. I close the door and look at Bellamy. For some reason he doesn't even look surprised. They all don't look surprised. 

''Jackson already informed us. You're lucky I didn't lock you up or something,'' Bellamy says angry. 
''Like you would have succeeded,'' Murphy says laughing. 


I don't know what the plan is. I realize that I came here empty handed, only a sword but no idea what we're about to do. I'll just let them do their job and then I'll see what I can do I guess. Emori gets closer to where we need to be and bullets are flying everyone, but all targeting the same thing; us. 

We're all crouched down hoping that the car will last and that nothing will break. But suddenly Emori stops driving.
''They got the engine. Dammit!'' she says angry. 

''Ready to strike. Big gun. Go! now! be heroes!'' Murphy says while climbing to the backseats. 
Bellamy opens the back door of the car and he and Echo both get out and stand behind the doors. I have no idea what they are doing and it sucks. But suddenly an explosion is heard and I realize they got one of the big guns that can literally blow people up. 

''I need to get closer,'' Bellamy says. 
''Wait what are we doing?'' I ask them hoping they can quickly inform me so I can help. I realize this was a bad idea, I should have at least asked them what the plan was before we arrived here.

''The plan is killing them all with their own canons!'' Echo shouts. 
I can do with that. I nod a little bit and grab and extra gun. 

''Murphy you cover, Bellamy you shoot. Make sure no one sees me, I'm going up there,'' I say while I get out of the car. 
''Make sure you don't get too close to the canon,'' Echo says. 

Murphy starts shooting with the big gun that's in the car, Bellamy starts shooting and he runs towards a rock with Echo trailing behing him, and I start running the exact opposite way. I'm lucky, all the men are focused on Bellay and Echo and not on me. When I'm close enough I lie behind a rock and grab my gun. 

I shoot the first one through his head and the second one through his chest. I was about to get closer but then I see the canon. If I get too close now I will definitely die, so I wait until Bellamy has blown it up. I know some of the men are still alive so as soon as the canon is dead I start running and shooting. Because of the smoke they can't see me and they can't see where I'm coming from. 

I think there are about a few men left but suddenly my gun doesn't work. There are no bullets anymore. Well then I guess I have to start using my sword. I take it out of the holster and take the first man out. I'm not going to lie but I haven't used my sword in so long so it feels kind of good. 

Madi is leading everyone down there and they are shooting the men. The bullets are getting too close to me so I quickly lie down behind another rock. They chose a good hiding spot. None of the men spot me, lucky for me. 

After a few seconds they are retreating and I'm laughing. Those bastards. They are certainly going to lose now. I get back down to the rest of my people and we start marching towards the valley. People often talk about destruction, but they haven't met this army yet. 

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