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''Fifteen minutes left. She better comes back fast.''
Clarke isn't back yet and I don't know if she will. I just pray that she will come back in time. Even though sometimes I don't like her and want her dead I still need her. After all she was my best friend. Not anymore. But she is still my friend. And I also need her for when the baby gets born. No one other than her knows what do to when I'm going to give birth.

''I don't think she is going to make it,'' Echo says.
She has white paint on her face and at first I didn't understand why but then Bellamy explained it to me. She tried to kill herself. She didn't think that she deserved to come with us to the ark. I don't either but I can't do anything about that. Clarke should have been here instead of Echo.


''Ten minutes.''
I don't think she is going to make it. We all don't think she is going to make it. I can't say that I'm not sad about it. All of us really believed that she was going to make it but now our hope is fading away pretty fast.

If she doesn't come back in ten minutes then the primfaya will burn her alive and I don't want her to feel that pain. I don't want her to die like that. No one deserves to burn. Even though I said to Jasper and all the others that I hoped primfaya would burn them I didn't mean it. I just said it because I was angry and hurt. But now they are dead already so they won't feel anything. Monty told me about it. Jasper is dead. I lost another friend. And if Clarke doesn't come back soon then I will lose another.


"Three minutes. We have to go Bell," I say taking his hand slowly. None of us want to leave without her. We are all sad that Clarke isn't here but Bellamy seems to feel the worst. I know that Clarke and him were close together and that they had a bond. And it kills me to see him hurting like this.

"Come on guys. Can't we give her another minute?" Emori asks while Bellamy and I step into the rocket ship. Even Emori wants to give her another minute and I thought that she didn't like Clarke.

"There are no minutes left. We have to leave now otherwise primfaya will reach us and we will be dead," I say feeling my heart break and tears forming in my eyes. I don't want to leave. I would rather stay here and be burned alive then leave Clarke knowing that I'm going to go to the ark and that I will be save and that she's not.

We all put our seat belts on and we make sure that all of us got one oxygen tank. We need that. We can't breath in space and on the ark. That's why Monty got that machine he needed. To make sure there is oxygen on the ark. Otherwise it wouldn't matter if we would stay on earth or go to the ark. Without that machine we would die anyways.

''Emily is right. As much as I want to give Clarke another minute, we can't,'' Raven says. Then she presses a button and the door closes. The door to the way of the rocket and the door from the rocket itself. There is no way back now and there is no way that Clarke can get in the rocket anymore.

A tear slides down on my cheek and I almost can't hold the rest of my tears in but I must be strong. For myself but also for the others. We can cry when we are on the ark but not now. Otherwise no good things are going to happen.

I feel Bellamy's hand in mine and I look at him. He's got tears in his eyes as well and as one falls down I quickly wipe it away. I place my forehead against his and close my eyes even though it's a little bit difficult with the chairs in the way but I succeed. Bellamy places his hand on my cheek and he kisses me.

Suddenly the rocket starts to shake and Bellamy and I quickly separate but we keep holding each others hand. Raven is behind the buttons making sure she is pressing on the right ones. The rest of us is just sitting and hoping that we will survive this trip.

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