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When Bellamy and I finally came back to the others I immediately grabbed Lincolns hand and helped him get his suit on. I didn't want to see the others faces and the looks of devastation when Bellamy tells them that Raven is staying behind. 

When Lincoln and I both have our suits on we climb into the drop ship and I sit down with him on my lap. I put the seat belt around the both of us and squeeze Lincoln against me. Then I start to cry. 

''Mommy? What's wrong?'' Lincoln asks me with a sad look. 
I shake my head and bit my lip. How am I going to tell him this? How am I going to tell him that the person he sees as an aunt is going to stay here and never come down. 

I know that she was lying when she said that there was another ship for her to come down. I could tell by her eyes that she was lying. But I knew that whatever I would do, she wouldn't come with us. 

''Aunt Raven is staying up here to make sure that we're safe.''
Lincoln looks shocked at me and then he starts to cry. It makes me even more sad and at the moment I can't handle it. 

''Bellamy!'' I call for him. Bellamy quickly gets into the drop ship only to see his wife and his son both crying. I open the seat belt and give Lincoln to him. Bellamy and Lincoln sit down in the seat next to me and Lincoln hugs his father while Bellamy puts the seat belt around him. Soon after the others come in as well and I realize that Murphy isn't here.

''Where's John?'' I ask. 
I look at Emori expecting an answer from her since she used to be close to him and probably knows where he is. 

''He's staying with Raven,'' Echo says. 
I couldn't even handle one of us staying here let alone two. I was never really close to John but he was still my friend. Sort of. I just can't believe that all of us got so far and that right now people are staying behind. It's not right.

''Just launch this damn ship so we can go back home,'' I say wiping away my tears. 
I don't the others seeing me like this. Weak. But they have seen so much in these past six years that they don't even care if I'm strong or not. 

In a matter of time we're loose form the ship Raven and John are now in and we are making our way to earth. To Eden. To our friends and family. I close my eyes and think about what I'm going to do once we land. I think about what changed down there? Who is leading the people?

''Here we go! 200 meters!'' Emori suddenly says. I squeeze my eyes shut and prepare for the impact we're going to feel. Maybe we're not going to feel anything because we will die but I trust Emori not to let us die. 

After just a few seconds the ship isn't moving anymore and I look at Emori's back. She did it. We're back home. We're back on the ground after six years. I smile and quickly loosen my seat belt. Without warning I hug Emori and after that I quickly open the hatch to get the hell out of this thing.

I walk around a bit and the smile doesn't come off my face. I don't even want it to. I feel like myself again. I can be really me when I'm on earth. It's dark but I don't really care. Being in the dark isn't the worst thing I went through. 

Once everyone is out I look at them. Especially at Lincoln. This is the first time he's one the ground and seeing that he's so happy about it makes me even more happy. Lincoln is running around while he's pulling Monty with him and I take Bellamy's hand. 

''We finally made it back to the ground,'' I whisper not quite believing that this happened. 
After six years spending on the Ark I can finally be happy again. 

All of us start to walk but we stop when there are guns pointed at us. I expected a warmer welcoming than this but this will do I think. I quickly push Lincoln behind me and Bellamy pushes me behind him. I grab my sword and step away from behind Bellamy but make sure that the men with the guns can't see Lincoln who is still behind his father.

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