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''Boys and girls, meet Eligius IV.''
I look at the little screen and see the name of the ship. We are all looking at it. I don't want to miss one single thing. Lincoln is sitting next to me and I know that he is scared. He never experienced something like this before.

''Powering a better tomorrow,'' Emori says softly.
There is no such thing as a better tomorrow if you're trapped in space. If you're trapped in space, all you do is look out the window at earth. At that one spot of green where you may be able to live. Or where you may die.

''Must be a mining ship,'' Raven says.
I look at Echo who is sitting besides Bellamy and see that she's looking worried. We are all worried. But she is the most outstanding of us all so I wouldn't be surprised if she immediately killed everyone on that ship in fear of being killed.

''I've heard stories. Missions sent to mine asteroids or search for habitable planets, but that was a hundred years ago,'' Monty explains.

''They got back somehow. Means they must have fuel,'' Bellamy says while he smiles at me.
We both think the same. Fuel means that we can go back to earth. Finally.

''Well, now there's a ship with a story to tell. It looks like one of the engines was destroyed. At least the hap is still rotating. That rotation means they'll have gravity. Sorry, lovebirds. No zero-g space sex,'' Raven says laughing and fascinated about the ship.

I wanted to place my hands over Lincoln's ears but then realize that I can't because he's wearing a helmet.
''Raven, language!'' I say.

''What if they're still in there?'' Monty asks worried.

''If they would still be there then we would have been dead already,'' I say.
If the people on that ship would see our ship then they would shoot us out of the sky with whatever weapon they have. I don't want that happening. Maybe we will fall to earth if they would shoot us but that would be our death.

''Commencing operation uninvited guests. Firing thrusters in 3, 2, 1,'' Then Raven presses a button and we go forward faster,'' Emori, soon as I line us up with the hap, it's all yours. On my mark.''

We all wait for Raven to say the words. We're all nervous. We don't know if this is going to work. And if it's not going to work, if we're going to get back to the ark. Feeling this nervous isn't something I like. I just want to feel at least a bit safe and happy and I don't want to have to worry all the time.

I close my eyes and sigh trying to shut everything out for a few seconds. But when alarms are going off in our little ship I can't shut it out anymore. I open my eyes and see that Raven and Emori are both struggling with whatever they are trying to do.

''We're coming in too fast. Okay, I got it! I got it! Switching back to manual,'' Raven shouts.
Bellamy takes my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine. We both hold each others hands tightly. Lincoln moves a little to lie against me and I hold him close to me. I trust Raven but sometimes things don't end well.

Raven grabs the handle and she tries to steer.

''Hold on! Brace for impact. We're coming in hot,'' she says.
Those words make me less afraid. At least we're going to make it.

Suddenly we all fly a little bit forward because of the ship suddenly stopping but we're held back by our seat belts. I take a deep breath and sigh while I let my head hang. We did it. Now we just need to find something that will bring us down to earth.

''We should do that again sometimes,'' Murphy says while he takes off his helmet.
I look angry at him and want to hit him in the face with my fist but decide not to do that. Even though he deserves it for every shitty things he has done in the past six years.