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''Open the door!''
I keep screaming those words while I bang on the door of the bunker. Octavia and I won but can we get inside of the bunker? No. We can't. Skiekru took it. Which means that the rest of us is going to die. Which means that I killed Luna for nothing. This is all Clarke's fault. This is something she would do and she took Bellamy with her.

I think that they kidnapped him. There is no change that he would get into the bunker without me and Octavia. There is no change that he would leave us behind. His wife and his sister. It's also not something that he would do. He wouldn't leave people behind to die. He would go back and save them all.

''Emily, stop,'' Octavia says but I will not listen.
This door has to open if we all want to survive. I just don't understand. I don't understand why Clarke would do something like this. She agreed to fight for the bunker and now she stole it. Octavia made a clan that combines every other. Practically there are no clans anymore. Which was a good idea. But Clarke doesn't know that. And now she is in the bunker while everyone should be in it.

''Stop! Emily!'' Octavia now shouts at me while she grabs my arms and gets me away from the door. We just need to get inside. But there is no other way than the door. We can't get in if it doesn't open. I know that it's not going to open and that the people who aren't inside the bunker are going to die. But I just have to keep trying. I have to keep trying for everyone.

There are not many people in the room with me. Only Octavia, Indra, Gaia and me. All the others are outside enjoying their last moments. The radiation is already making us weak. Everyone is sick and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

''We need to get inside. Don't you see that?'' I ask the three girls who are with me in the room. Indra and Gaia both look down to the ground and don't say anything. We are all suffering because of this. We are all weak and there is a possibility that people are going to attack us to get inside. But they can't get inside so attacking us doesn't make sense.

''We know. But I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon, Emily. We won. And we are supposed to get that bunker. But Clarke is dumb and doesn't know how to handle these kind of situations. She thought that we would lose and that Skiekru wouldn't get the bunker. And she was right. Skiekru lost. Because there was no one fighting for them. But we were going to share. There are no clans anymore, remember? We are going to die knowing that what we did was right. We fought for our lives. They didn't. They are cowards who pushed everyone away just to save their own skin. They are nothing. We are everything.''

Once Octavia is done with her speech I look at her. I don't want to believe her but I know that she is right. We fought for our lives. We are everything and they are nothing. Bellamy doesn't belong to them because I know he wouldn't want this. But knowing that he is going to survive this actually gives me piece.

''We have to make something of our last moments. We can't die like this. Weak. Knowing that we can't do anything. We have to do something that will make us forget what is going on,'' I say while a smile is on my face.

''You're suggesting to give a party, aren't you?'' Octavia asks me laughing.

I nod and stand up. Maybe giving a party is the right thing to do right now. Maybe it would make us forget that we are going to die in just one day. I walk towards the door and was about to open it but suddenly someone else opens it from the other side.

''They're coming. They're going to fight,'' a man tells me.
I guess the party has to wait. I quickly walk away from the door and walk towards the spot I placed my sword. I grab it and see Octavia doing the same. Indra is also standing ready to fight and Gaia is standing in a corner looking at us not knowing what to do.

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