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I walk into our room and see Lincoln sitting up in his bed. Then there's Harper who's sitting in a chair reading him a book. Bellamy's favorite book, the one he used to read to Octavia when she was a child.

"Harper, thank you for looking out for him. I know I've never really thanked you and I'm sorry for that. But please know that I'm grateful for everything you did for me and my family," I say while she stands up.

I give her a hug and feel tears forming in my eyes. I can't cry right now. Not in front of Lincoln. I can't have him asking me what's wrong cause I won't be able to keep myself from telling the truth. Harper smiles at me and tells me it's no problem. Then she leaves the room and I'm left alone with my son. I sit down next to him on his bed and I hug him close to me.

"Where's dad?" Lincoln asks me. He knows something's wrong. Usually Bellamy and I always put him to bed together. But now Bellamy isn't here, he's arrested and is going to die. But not if I can stop it. And I can stop it. I know I can.

"Your dad had to take care of something. But he will be back in no time,'' I whisper while put my hand through his hair. Lincoln looks a lot like Bellamy and it this moment that's quite saddening since I don't know if I can stop Octavia from putting him in that pit.

Lincoln nods and lies down. he leans into my side and I put my arm around him. This would be a moment I love if I wasn't so worried. After a few minutes Lincoln falls asleep. I'm tired but can't sleep knowing that Bellamy is all alone right now. Probably preparing to die.

"Let me see him," I say to the guard standing by the door. This door is what's keeping me from seeing Bellamy and this damn guard is also playing part in not letting me see him. And if he says no one more time then I'm gonna be very angry.

The guard puts his hand on his forehead like he's annoyed and looks at me. He shakes his head no and I sigh. Well then, he's gonna have to deal with what comes next. But it's gonna be his own damn fault.

I take a step closer to him and look him in his eyes. I'm shorter than him but I learner that length doesn't matter when you're angry (and when you were the commander once) but aside from that it's all about the anger.

"You will let me see him, or pray to god that he will save you from the things I will do to you. I will make sure that you will never be able to sleep again because of me. You know who I am and you know of the things that I can do, don't forget that big boy. Now you will let me into this room or I will start haunting you till the day you die, and I promise you that won't be long from now."

I was gonna say that I know his darkest secrets and his deepest fears just to make him a little bit more scared but I don't even know this man so I can't say that. He probably wouldn't even believe me.  

"Just let her in."
I look at the door and see Octavia. Why was she in there? She is about to walk away but I grab her hand before she can. The guard immediately takes a step forward and I look at him. 

''I can still kill you, you know. Choose wisely,'' I say to him before I look back at Octavia,'' Why were you in there?'' I ask her.
She takes a deep breath while looking at the door from the room she just walked out. She looks sad but I honestly don't care right now. 

''I was telling him to kill Indra and Gaia. I don't want to lose my brother and that's what I was telling him. That's why I was in the room.''
I shake my head while I frown. She can say whatever she wants but I won't believe her. I will ask Bellamy once I get inside that room. 

''You don't want him dead, yet you throw him into that pit. You know Indra will do everything in her power to keep Gaia alive. She's her daughter. Believe me, she will do everything for her child, and so will I. I want Lincoln to have a father and that can't happen when his father is dead. So either you will let Bellamy go or something very surprising will happen to you when they are in the pit.'' 

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