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I stayed behind with Lincoln trying to get him to sleep. I didn't want him to hear the gunshots or the people screaming and running. Octavia told us that she wouldn't hurt or kill the ones that would go to Diyoza. But I could have known that she was lying at that moment.

"One time she and I shared all our stories from when we were younger. I didn't have spectacular stories but she did and I listened to her like my life depended on it," I say with a smile while I'm talking to Lincoln about Lexa.

Thinking back to all the things she and I did together hurt me but I wanted Lincoln to stop listening to all the sounds outside. Considering that we're in a tent and not a room in the bunker it's kind if difficult not to hear everything that is going on outside.

While I'm telling Lincoln all kind of things Lexa told me I think about how Echo is doing right now. How she is doing. I don't know if Octavia shot her or not but it would 't surprise me since Octavia hates Echo.

Suddenly the flap of the tent opens and Clarke steps into the tent. She's looking at every corner and it makes me kind of worried.
''Clarke, what's wrong?'' I ask while standing up.

''Madi is gone.''
If I didn't have Lincoln then I would have searched with her immediately. But I can't leave Lincoln alone and I certainly don't want to take him outside of this tent.

''Look in the bunker. Maybe she's there,'' I tell.
She's gone immediately. Sometimes when I see Clarke and Madi together I see a family. A mother and a daughter. I've never seen Clarke more worried about anyone in her life. And it feels good to know that she has someone so special in her life.

After a while Bellamy walks in and he looks at Lincoln who's finally asleep. He's looking defeated and I know that it has to do something with Octavia. It always has something to do with her lately. She has turned into someone who's looking for trouble and who is causing it.

''I don't want Lincoln alone with Octavia. I don't trust her anymore,'' Bellamy says while he sits down next to me. I get where this is coming from. I don't trust her either. I think only the people that spend six years in that bunker with her trust her now. It just pains me to not be able to trust her. Before I trusted her with my life, now I don't even want to be near her.

''He won't be alone with her. I won't let him out of my sight unless he's with you or Harper or Monty. And by the way, you should be more careful as well. None of us know what your sister's up to. She won't share any of her plans with us and I don't want you suffering because of the horrible things she does,'' I say softly.

''I'm not going to argue with her anymore over the things she does,'' I say.
''We both know that that is a lie,'' Bellamy says while laughing softly.

I knew that the moment I said that, that it was a lie. But it was a lie I wanted to believe myself. I wanted to believe myself that I would not fight with her anymore but I knew I would.

Bellamy intertwines his fingers with mine and I put my head on his shoulder. I close my eyes and sigh. I don't know what we did to deserve this kind of shit in our lives. The first day we came to earth everything immediately turned downwards. We weren't even on earth yet and two boy's already died.

I hear Bellamy starting to breath deeper and know that he has fallen asleep. So do I not long after.


''Unleashing an invasive species on the last arable land on earth is a monumentally bad idea.''
I sit down next to Bellamy and look with a questioning look at Monty. I don't know what the hell he is talking about but that doesn't seem good.

''What the hell are you guys talking about?'' I ask softly.
Since they were talking really soft I figured out that no one else is supposed to hear about this. So it must be something really spectaculair or something really bad.