Chapter Four - THE FALL

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"There's no one here, Annabeth, it'll be fine." Percy grinned at her, holding her hand and pulling her further onto the school's old, abandoned football field.

"They have camera's, Percy!" Annabeth tried to pull away from him, her red high tops digging into the ground.

"Camera's that aren't hooked up. I wouldn't have brought you here if I didn't check the camera's first. You think these guys actually care who uses the football field out of practices? Come on!" Percy grinned at her, laughing as her hair went crazy all around her head from the humidity.

"We shouldn't be here!" Annabeth huffed as Percy finally stopped pulling. He let go of her hand, and she fell onto her butt, her blonde hair covering her face. She huffed, pushing it out of her face as Percy gently helped her up.

"I promise that it will be fine. If we get caught, I'll take the fall." His eyes were so sincere, that Annabeth almost didn't doubt him... Almost.

"I have to get home soon..." She mumbled quietly, pushing her hair behind her ear, frowning. Percy sighed.

"Please? The view from the top of the bleachers is amazing." He said, holding her hand in his. "Live a little, Wise Girl. What's life if you don't have a little fun?"


"Exactly. Just surviving. You gotta have fun." He grinned at her, and Annabeth's heart skipped a beat. She silently beat it down with a metal baseball bat and nodded. Percy grinned and pulled her off the field. They raced to the bleachers and Percy pulled himself up to the top, holding a hand out to Annabeth to help her. She didn't take it though. She backed up, away from the wall. Percy sighed, "I thought were were gonna have fun- AH!"

He yelled, falling back as Annabeth ran at the wall and jumped, catching the lower metal bar in her hand. She smirked at Percy's reaction and hoisted herself up over the railing. This time, she helped Percy to his feet, arms over her chest. "You were saying?"

He laughed and took her hand again, hiding his face shyly. Annabeth smiled and they started to climb up the bleachers, Percy taking the stairs, and Annabeth taking the seats. She was halfway to the top by the time he'd gotten a fourth of the way there. Turning to the field, Annabeth put her arms out, smiling and breathing in the surprisingly clean, New York City air as it caught on her loose green top. The fabric whipped in the wind, riding up her stomach, revealing her tanned and toned abdomen. Percy's footsteps stopped, and he stood where he was, staring up at her, one foot higher on the stairs than the other.

She felt free. She felt like no one was watching her, like no one was waiting for her to come home, like no one was waiting for her to screw up so they could make fun of her.

Annabeth opened her eyes and turned back towards the bleachers, before starting to move again, as fast as she could. She could hear Percy moving again, behind her. She got to the top first, and put her back to the railing, her eyes closed. She smiled and breathed in a deep breath, goosebumps rising on her skin as the icy cold wind hit her skin. Her hair got dragged back by the wind, and when she opened her eyes, her breath was taken away. Percy wasn't kidding. It was beautiful. It was absolutely gorgeous. She could see the buildings beyond the other side of the field, the sky changing colors as the sun set in the west.

Percy stopped beside her, and she felt his hand brush her shoulder. "Told ya it was beautiful."

"I thought you were kidding..." Annabeth whispered. "This is more than beautiful... It's..."

"Amazing." They said at the same time, and Annabeth laughed.

"Jinx!" She grinned at him, and he rolled his eyes playfully, putting an arm around her shoulders. "You owe me a soda."

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