Chapter 13 - BANNED

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Annabeth had been banned from seeing Percy, and grounded for a couple weeks, with no phone and a strict 'school, home' schedule. The chance of her dad actually caring enough to make sure she kept up with that schedule was not very promising. Surprisingly, Annabeth hadn't broken any bones. She was just bruised, and cut up, and hurt. That didn't mean she was any less miserable.

Annabeth walked into the school, wincing. Immediately, Piper, who had been at Annabeth's side almost her whole time in the hospital, was by her side once again. She held out a chocolate bar, and Annabeth smiled, taking it with a whispered thanks. At her locker, Percy appeared behind her, hugging her. Annabeth went nuts on him, scared by the sudden touch. Piper laughed as Annabeth hit Percy's chest, until she realized who was holding her. She dropped her forehead against his collar bone with a tired groan. He chuckled softly, and she felt the sound vibrate against her own body. She blushed, silently remembering how sculpted Percy's torso really was. She ignored the urge to slide her hand over his chest and pulled away from him. She opened her locker and pulled her books out, yawning.

"Gods, I'm tired..." Annabeth sighed. Percy put an arm around her shoulders.

"Why?" He frowned, rubbing her arm as they started walking to her first class. Piper had gone ahead of them, already, leaving them alone.

"My dad's still mad about how you talked to him in the hospital." She smiled slightly. "I'm not just grounded. I had to clean the apartment from top to bottom, ceilings, floors, every step on the staircase. Every window, every bedroom. I had to cook dinner, then I had to do my homework from the last week. I wasn't allowed to sleep till it was all done." Annabeth leaned her head on him.

Percy frowned as they reached her class, holding her hand. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah. My dad's out of town for the next two months, and my step-mom is taking my step-brothers to San Fransisco to see her parents until he gets back." She leaned forward and hugged him, arms around his waist, her head on his chest, eyes closed. Percy rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. "The only person to keep me in check is our butler, and he's more like a dad to me than my actual dad. He's letting me off the hook until my dad's home."

Percy sighed, his chest rising and falling with slow breaths. "I'm glad everything's working out."

"What's wrong?" She frowned, looking up at him. She could just tell that something wasn't right. She knew him well enough to do that, and he was an open book. His eyes were worried, but he didn't explain, just shook his head. "I'll tell you at lunch. We're gonna be late." Annabeth frowned and pulled away from him. He covered up his worry with a playful smirk that she knew well. "See ya, Wise Girl."

Annabeth got into class and sat beside Piper, a frown on her face. They'd had a seat arrangement since Piper arrived, so Annabeth was sat beside her. Mr Brunner had noticed Piper talking to Annabeth and not taunting her before Annabeth had fallen the last time she was at school, so he put them together. It helped. They were at the back of the class, so they couldn't get a sneak attack, they were under the heating and cooling vents, so they rarely had complaints about temperature.

"You two are cute." Piper hummed as they worked on their history worksheet later on. Annabeth felt confused.


"You and Percy. I mean, if I didn't know better, I'd say you two were dating. After he scared you, you just kind of buried yourself into his chest. I'd be surprised if Drew didn't believe you two were together." She grabbed a mulberry from her cup of mixed fruit. Her long nails made grabbing it without turning her skin purple a breeze. Annabeth was almost jealous. She took one of the strawberry chunks and popped it in her mouth, shrugging. "I mean, seriously. You should just date already." She dropped the berry into her mouth.

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