Chapter 33 - I'LL KILL YOU

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Percy watched Annabeth march forward to face Drew, hesitant. He saw someone step up beside him, and stiffened. The blonde football player who had returned Annabeth's diamond bracelet, the bracelet Percy currently had in his pocket, looked grim.

Percy didn't know the guy, but he gave him a different vibe than the football players who had corned him, Piper, and Annabeth. They had sent a chill through his blood. This guy didnt.

"She gets bonus points for not backing out, right?" The guy leaned over to Percy, voice low.

Percy opened his mouth to speak, before stopping himself. He glanced at the boy beside him. They were roughly the same height, but where Percy was lean, his body built for speed and agility, this guy was broad shouldered, muscular. He was built for strength, and he could probably crush Mark and Jake like they were tin cans.

The thought of seeing either one of them crushed into grease stains gave Percy the tiniest bit of sadistic pleasure.

"I'm Luke, by the way." He said, wincing as Annabeth slammed her elbow into Drew's stomach to force Drew to release her hair. Percy desperately wanted to rush in and break them apart, but he would wait... If Annabeth wanted his help, she'd call for him. She said she would.

"Percy." He said back, clenching his jaw as Annabeth cried out in pain. He moved forward an inch, desperate to reach her.

She retaliated easily, putting Drew in a headlock. Drew's plastic tiara had fallen off, broken in half, discarded. Drew screeched in anger, despite Annabeth having the upper hand. She couldn't break out of Annabeth's grip, finally crying that she was done. Annabeth let her go, shoving herself backwards. Drew fall forward with a gasp, and Annabeth turned towards Percy and look. She was bleeding.

Percy didn't stop himself from moving towards him. He kissed her, despite the blood on her lip. Annabeth squeaked in surprise, her hands on his shoulders. When he broke away, panting heavily, Annabeth was blushing. A long, slow whistle came from behind him, followed by painfully and overly sarcastic clapping made Percy turn.

He kept an arm in front of Annabeth protectively, glaring at the man in front of him. Luke, eyeing Mark warily, shared a look with Percy and stepped forward in case Mark tried anything. "What do you want?" Percy growled.

Mark grinned. "I wanted to congratulate my little princess."

Annabeth stepped closer to Percy, her voice slurred slightly from the blood in her mouth. "I'm not your little anything!"

She spit blood at Mark, who scowled and charged forward, his face etched into a look of fury.


Annabeth held back a scream as Mark charged at her. Percy pushed her safely out of the way and slammed his hands into Marks shoulders, the two of them beginning to fight. It didn't take much before Percy was sprawling to the ground. Annabeth screamed his name. She watched in slow motion as Percy hit his head on the curb.

Annabeth tried to charge forward to help him, but a pair of arms held her back, around her shoulders. She screamed, fighting them. She could see the sick grin of pleasure grow on Marks face as Percy's body went limp in the parking lot.

Annabeth let out a blood curdling scream of fury and pumped her elbow into the ribs of the person holding her back, running to her boyfriend. She crashed to her knees at his side, putting her hands under his head. She felt something hot and sticky against her fingers and shivered, pulling one of her hands out from under his elevated head. She let an agonizing scream and pulled Percy into her arms, one of her hands holding the back of his bloody head, the other against his blood soaked shirt. Annabeth sobbed, blocking out the shouts from around her. She heard sirens, after what felt like forever had passed.

A gentle set of hands rested on her shoulders. She looked up to see baby blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, the pale outline of a scar. Luke Castellan. The Football Quarterback. "Annabeth, the paramedics are here. They can't do anything if you stay here. They can't help him if you don't let him go."

Annabeth whinpered, but rested Percy's head back on thr concrete. Luke helped her to her feet, drawing her away from her unconscious boyfriend. She quivered in fear. Her eyes scanned the parking lot.

Onlookers stared in fear at the sight of the ambulance, the pool of blood in the parking lot. Annabeth spotted Matk, laughing and grinning at the sight of Percy's limp body. Her fear turned into fury, and she let out an enraged scream, charging towards Mark.

Luke couldn't hold onto her shoulders. Marks eyes widened, and she knew she scared him. Annabeth slammed into him, pushing him to the ground. She pinned him, hands on his throat, Percy's blood still staining her fingers. She wanted Mark dead. She wanted to watch the life go from his eyes as she squeezed his throat. The image flashed in her mind, the image of Marks eyes going lifeless, her hands crushing it out of him. She felt a grin form on her face as she was brought back to the present, with Mark struggling for breath underneath her, his hands struggling to grip onto her arms, failing to push her off of him. His face began to turn red, then blue.

Someone pulled her off him just as he was about to lose consciousness, the persons arms around her shoulders. Annabeth screamed louder, desperate to murder him. "IF HE DIES I'LL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS IT WAS YOU! I'LL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU KILLED HIM! HIS BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS! I'LL KILL YOU! THE COPS WON'T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE, MARK! IF HE DIES, I'LL KILL YOU!"

She meant it too. If Percy died that night, Mark wouldn't survive to see the jail cell they'd put him in. The last thing he'd ever see would be her face as she strangled the life out of him.

Luke whispered in her ear as he pulled her from the gasping and hacking Mark. "He's not worth it, Annabeth. He isn't worth it! Percy needs you!"

Her fight died and she looked towards the ambulance as Percy was lifted into it. She moved weakly towards it, climbing in with the aid of Luke's hand. One of the paramedics, a woman with dark eyes, gently cleaned the blood off Annabeth's hands and face. When she withdrew, Annabeth held Percy's limp hand. It was cold. He had a breathing mask over his mouth and nose. His skin was pale, his raven black hair a sudden contrast to his skin. It broke her heart. She brought his knuckles to her lips and closed her eyes.

"Don't leave me, Seaweed Brain." She whimpered. "Not now... Not today... Please..."

A tear slipped down her cheek and landed on his unresponsive fingers. Annabeth closed her eyes again, letting out a broken breath. "Please, Percy..." Her voice broke and her hands shook around his. "I love you."

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