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"Here is a prescription for some anti-depressants." Annabeth looked up as her doctor held out a note. Percy took it for her when she didn't move her hands. The doctor sighed and frowned. "Annabeth, I know this is hard. And I know it probably doesn't seem like it, but you're lucky. Not many people with depression realize that they do have people who care about them, people would lay their life on the line to protect theirs. You do realize that. I know you do."

Annabeth nodded. She did. Sometimes it didn't feel like it. Sometimes it felt the same way it did before she knew Percy, but she knew he was there for her. She knew he loved her. "I know." Annabeth nodded. "I just... I couldn't see anything else happening in that moment. I couldn't imagine anything for me past that point."

Percy frowned and rubbed her side, looking down at her. She felt him kiss her head and sighed, closing her eyes and leaning on him. The doctor nodded, before standing. "Come back in if things seem like they're getting worse, or it's getting harder for you to do simple tasks, alright?"

Annabeth nodded. "Alright." The doctor left the room, leaving Percy and Annabeth alone. They were quiet for a while, before Annabeth looked up at him. "I love you." He met her eyes and smiled, kissing her forehead.

"I love you more." She laughed and shook her head.

"Not possible."

"Oh, yeah?" Percy smirked.

"I love you to infinity."

"I love you to infinity, times infinity." Annabeth laughed.

"You win... For now." She narrowed her eyes playfully. Percy kissed her softly before standing and helping her up. Together, they left the doctor's office. They walked down the street in silence, Percy holding her close to his side. "What are we doing today?" She asked him.

"Mom's letting me borrow the car... We could go down to Montuak." He looked down at her, rubbing her hip.

"We can't go swimming."

"Well, duh." He chuckled. "But we can hang out in the beach house... You can finally teach me checkers." Annabeth crinkled her nose. A look of surprise bloomed on his face. "No?"

"Nah. Checkers isn't fun if you're always winning." She smirked.

"Then teach me how to play."

"You really want me to?" Annabeth put her arms around his neck, her fingers entangling in his hair.

"I really do." He nodded, kissing her nose. Annabeth smiled. "And after I beat you, we can do something else to make up for your boredom."

"Oh, you think you can beat me?" She laughed.

"Eventually." He grinned, taking her hand. "C'mon, beautiful."


About 2 and a half hours into teaching Percy how to play Checkers, and he still had no chance. "Seaweed Brain, you can't win this time."

"Sure I can!" He shrugged.

"It's impossible!"

"Nothing is impossible."

Annabeth sighed, before using one of her pieces to wipe two of his checkers off the board. "You were saying."

"I... Uh... Shush." Annabeth laughed, rolling her eyes. As predicted, she won. Again.

"Can we please do something else now?" Annabeth sighed. "Because I'm bored and my head is starting to hurt."

"Fine..." He whined playfully, "What do you wanna do?"

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