Chapter 15 -HERSELF

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The next day, Annabeth walked down the halls of school in a long sleeved, beige sweater, black high tops, black stockings that stopped mid-thigh, and a black skirt that stopped just over her stockings. She refused to meet anyone's eyes, hugging herself. The outfit was forced on her by her step-mother, who had arrived home early and had, upon Annabeth's attempt to tell her what happened, slapped Annabeth across the face and called her an ungrateful child who didn't deserve anything her father gave her.

She was right in one respect. She didn't deserve the hate he gave her... The rest of it... Annabeth didn't know.

She walked to her class, head down, trying to keep a low profile. That didn't work out too well.

Someone grabbed her and dragged her into an empty janitors closet. She whimpered when they slammed her against the wall. It was Mark. He grinned at her, eyes raking up and down her body like a hungry animal. Terror welled up in her heart. "Keep dressing like this, princess, and I might let everyone know that you belong to me."

She whimpered silently. "I have to get to class."

"What was that?" The look in his eyes terrified her.

"I... I have to get to my class..."

"Did you already forget our deal, Princess? You spread your sexy legs when I want you too, and Drew lets you live. Deny me access to what I want, and you will die." Annabeth closed her eyes.

"I'm not... Denying you... Just saying we should wait until later. When people won't get suspicious..."

He pressed his hips into hers, and tears welled up in Annabeth's eyes. "But I want you now." He growled in her ear, before his hands grabbed her skirt and pulled it up, before his fingers touched her. Annabeth bit back a scream, wanting to get away from his hand. "And you will give yourself to me... Because I want this to be enjoyable for both of us."


By the time Annabeth got out of school, she hated herself. She'd been too scared to fight back against Mark, especially when he was sober, so she was forced to let him have his way. She didn't want to let him, but her will to live was stronger than her pride... Though it was beginning to windle.

He'd forced her to have sex with him enough times that Annabeth was completely terrified. She was weak, sore, and was certain she was bleeding in a few places. She thought what Jake did was horrible... It paled in comparison to how cruel Mark was. When she begged him to stop, he had not only hit her into submission, but turned her back to him, gripping her hips so tightly that Annabeth felt the bruises form, and fucked her from behind. That was at the end of the day, before he gave her a ride home. He didn't take her home, though.

She sat in his car now, as he drove, a hand on her upper thigh, under her skirt. She had shivers from the touch... Not the good kind. Not the shivers she got whenever Percy kissed her neck in history, or the kind she got when she ate chocolate, or felt Percy hold her. She got shivers that turned her blood to ice, and drained her soul. The kind of shivers you got when you knew you were about to die...

He wasn't going to kill her, though. She knew that. He'd promised her that. She knew bluffs and lies. He wasn't lying. He wanted to have sex with her too much to kill her. That was the only reason she agreed to go with him... She knew he wouldn't kill her, or let her be killed. Though what he did do was bad enough to feel like she was dead.

When the car stopped, he cut the engine and slid his hand further up her thigh, and between her legs. Annabeth shut her eyes, scared. She imagined that Percy was about to save her, as Mark moved over her and pushed the chair into a laying position. She imagined being safe in Percy's arms as Mark stripped her of all her clothes, doing the same to himself. She imagined kissing Percy as Mark began to touch her body and enjoyed the pain and fear on Annabeth's face. She imagined being safe with Percy, being allowed to fall in love with him, as Mark made her body his sex toy.

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