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Percy couldn't believe it. Annabeth was letting someone have sex with her, to keep the right of being allowed to live. Someone was forcing his girl to have sex with them. Annabeth. His girl. The girl who had captivated him since Percy first saw her. The girl who had become Percy's best friend. The girl who had stolen Percy's heart. The girl he was falling in love with. Then she kissed him. Immediately upon breaking apart, Percy felt guilty, expecting her to be upset... Instead, she kissed him again.

He thought he was dreaming again. He was waiting to wake up kissing his pillow again, or something. He never wanted to wake up, and he never did. He never opened his eyes to realize that what he hoped was true, wasn't. All he cared about was that she was safe in his arm.

When Percy woke up the next morning, he was gleeful. He'd finally kissed her. She'd finally kissed him! He couldn't believe it! She kissed him! Even now, he was in shock. Annabeth Chase had kissed him for hours.

He told his mom goodbye and raced to Annabeth's apartment. He got there before she got out, catching his breath as he waited for her. His eyes glanced around, and locked on someone. His smile fell, and anger burned in his stomach. The bastard who was threatening his girl's life was standing ten meters away from him, a smirk on his face, phone in hand, texting.

Percy stepped inside immediately. He knew the pass code now. Percy saw Annabeth immediately, stepping out of the elevator, a smile on her beautiful face. He ran towards her and hugged her. Annabeth gasped in fear, freezing solid until she realized who was holding her. "Percy?"

He pulled away, pressing his forehead to hers. "Don't go out there alone."


"Mark. He's out there, waiting for you." He whispered. Annabeth's eyes widened, and she sucked in a breath, looking around in a panic. "Back door?"

"There isn't one." She whispered, her grey eyes big and wide, scared. Percy frowned, kissing her forehead.

"Don't let go of me. If he confronts us, I'll deal with him. He may be stronger, but I'm faster. I promise." She nodded worriedly. She put her arms around his waist, and he rubbed her arm, putting his own arm around her shoulders. "He won't lay a hand on you."

They walked outside, and Annabeth immediately stiffened, but she kept her head low. Mark saw her the moment she saw him. He stood straight and strode over to them. Percy held Annabeth tightly to his side, trying to move quickly through the crowd. Mark grabbed Annabeth by the hips, and she cried out in pain. Percy slammed his elbow into Mark's chest, pushing Annabeth behind him.

"Don't you dare touch her!"

He laughed, a hand where Percy's elbow had connected with his sternum. "You told him. You're gonna regret that, Princess."

"Get to the school, Annabeth." Percy glanced back at her for a second. He immediately regretted it. Mark clocked him in the jaw. Percy heard Annabeth scream, falling to the sidewalk, tears welling up in his eyes with pain. He tried to get to his feet, but Mark kicked him in the ribs, taking him down again. Percy watched weakly in pain as Mark grabbed Annabeth by the arm and dragged her away. She'd gone quiet, tears rolling down her cheeks. Percy coughed, getting to his feet. He ran after them.

He found them easily. Mark had forced Annabeth into an alley way, pinning her to the wall. Mark had wasted no time in taking advantage of her. Percy yelled, slamming into Mark, forcing him to the ground, knee on his back. "Annabeth, call the cops!"

He glanced back at her, seeing her on the ground, curled up, tears in her eyes, clearly scared. Percy slammed Mark's face into the concrete, knocking him out. Percy immediately ran to Annabeth, pulling her to his chest. She didn't look at him, face pale, body shaking. She was wearing a dress, so it made covering her body up easy. Annabeth leaned on him, whimpering. He grabbed his phone and put it to his ear. Soon, police had arrived, and Annabeth was curled against his body still. Mark was unconscious. Annabeth stayed in his arms, while Percy answered questions, while Mark was taken away... A female officer coaxed her to her feet, leading her out of the alley way. Percy tried to follow her, but an officer stopped him, cuffing him.

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