Chapter 30 - FINALLY

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The cop hadn't been a cop. Annabeth knee him immediately. Her father's very own private investigator had been disbatched to kill her. Annabeth had been terrified. A detective, a real detective, had come out. Apparently, a police officer was not supposed to be in a room alone with a victim or suspect, or someone who knew someone from a case. The detective also said that there hadn't been a need for an officer, because no crime seemed to have been committed. Every bystander on the street said that they'd seen Annabeth tying to pull her dad back into the apartment, said that he let go. Not the other way around. There was even video evidence.

Percy refused to leave her side after that, after the fake police officer attacked her. He'd said that he'd make it quick and silent if she didn't scream or fight him. So she screamed and fought. She didn't want to die anymore. Percy was less that 10 feet away. If she did die, she'd at least go down fighting.

Now, Annabeth lay in Percy's apartment, cuddled against his chest. She'd asked to stay with them for one more week, wanting to sleep with Percy holding her for a few more days before sleeping in a new, strange bed. It was her last day at their apartment, and she was scared to leave. He never let go of her, though. Percy never let her worry, taking care of her, making her smile and laugh. He brought her food so she could stay within the mountain of pillows and blankets on his bed. They even built a fort out of those pillows and blankets, a fort that was still hanging over their heads as Annabeth kissed her boyfriend. It was heavy and hot, and Annabeth was almost uncomfortable with the heat coursing through her body, coming from numerous sources. The blankets and pillows around them, Percy's bare torso, her own skin, Percy's hands moving over her body. She was sweating from the overwhelming heat, but it was just behind the line of being unbareable. She didn't mind the heat around her.

Percy kissed her throat, and his hot breath fanned over her skin, forcing more heat against her tan skin. A bead of sweat rolled down her face and she tried to take in a breath, but the heat was suffocating. She whimpered.

The tiny sound was enough to make Percy stop, holding himself up, off of her, her hands still resting on his hips. "Wise Girl?"

"It is unbearably hot in here." Annabeth huffed, sounding dignified and annoyed. Percy started laughing, and she saw a drop of sweat roll between his eyes, down his nose. She wasn't the only one feeling it at least.

His hair was slightly damp, matted to his forehead. Spring was taking an early turn, and summer seemed to already be present. Percy kissed her again, a soft, chaste kiss that left her wishing for another. "I'll be right back."

He got up and crawled out of the blanket fort, his silhouette obvious against the outside of the blankets. Annabeth looked around the room. Under her was a knitted blue blanket, one she'd bought when she was younger. One of the lower levels of blankets was the weighted blanket she'd made for herself. That was the blanket that led to the hallway. Percy reentered with a blower fan. She giggled and he turned it on, pointing it at where they'd been laying.

He moved to laid down beside her, and Annabeth curled up with her head on his chest, hand over his muscular abdomen. She was happy when he was shirtless. She had a small smile on her face, shamelessly adoring all of Percy's shirtless glory. He kissed her again, and Annabeth's body heated up so quickly, she began panting in seconds. He broke away too soon for her taste, and she whined.

It made him laugh, his arms tight around her body, holding her close. "I love you, baby, but it is way to hot for this." He sighed. Annabeth whined, and he kissed her again, passionately. She curled her fingers into the hair on the back of Percys head, loving the feeling of the soft strands between her fingers.

His hands moved under her shirt again, against her back, turning her skin to fire. Annabeth moaned as his fingers lingered near the clasp of her bra, his lips still occupying her own.

When he undid the clasp, terror froze Annabeth for a second, just one second, before she relaxed. Percy wouldn't hurt her. She knew that. He'd stop if she wanted him too.

He pulled her shirt off her head slowly, carefully. If they weren't careful, the entire fort would fall down on them. Percy kissed her throat, and Annabeth was forced to sit up, so she could pull the bra off her torso. Percy stopped kissing her for a second, straining to look at her eyes, not her chest. Annabeth blushed, kissing him again.

His hands stayed where they were, against the skin on her back. Percy moved to kiss her throat. She shivered, the air from the fan freezing her sweat to her skin. Percy's skin was still hot and it contrasted against the air from the fan. It felt good. Annabeth ran a hand through his hair, his torso pressed firmly against hers. It only got hotter from that point, Percy's touches became more frantic, his movements no longer smooth and flawless. They were jerky, wanting. His hold on her body was possessive.

Annabeth let herself melt against him, arms around his neck, lips against his.


When Annabeth woke up, Percy was holding her, his face in her hair, her body cold. They were covered by a blanket, but the fan was still pointed directly at them. They'd finally had sex for the first time, inside a crude, childlike fort of blankets. She shifted slightly, and Percy's arms tightened around her waist. Annabeth smiled, blushing. She felt him kiss her neck and knew he wasn't asleep. She could feel his grin against her skin. It sent her into a fit of giggles. "Why, Seaweed Brain?"

"Why what?" He asked, confirming her suspicious. He propped himself over her, and she rolled onto her back, her skin flushing red.

"Why must you tease me, so?" She whined jokingly, pouting.

"Because the face you make when I do is beautiful." She laughed at his cheeky words, and pulled him down to meet her lips.

He kissed a path down the side of her neck, to her collar bone, making her moan. Percy wasted zero time in making her want him. She would have gladly stayed, but she smelled Sally's coffee from the kitchen. There was no way it wasn't morning already. "Mmm..." She whimpered. "My moms gonna be here any minute, Seaweed Brain."

He huffed and kept kissing her skin, setting it on fire. Her brain was literally melting in her skull. She held back a throaty moan, fingers digging into his bare shoulders, trying to push him off of her. It was nearly impossible. He knew she didn't actually want to stop... But they had too.

He sighed and lifted himself up, forehead against hers. "In all seriousness... This was so much fun. Building the fort, kissing in the fort, nearly having the fort collapse in on us.

Annabeth smiled happily, her body relaxing against the blue knitted blanket. "I don't want to ever leave."

He smiled and kissed her. "Just imagine... In two years we can do this and you'd never have to go to a different home." He didn't seem to realize what he said.

It almost scared her. He could see them together in two years, after Graduation. In college. Together... The thought brought a dreamy sigh to her lips. She hadn't thought of it. She'd always expected Percy to want out of her life as soon as possible... But he wanted to stay? For how long? Forever? Until after College? Until his dream job set off and became a reality? For as long as she wanted him in her life?

She already knew it would be forever if it was in that case. She wanted him to be with her forever... She just didn't know how to make her dream a reality...

"I love you so much, Percy."

"I love you so much more, Annabeth."

"Annabeth! Sweetheart, your mom's here!"

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