Chapter 25 - KNOCKING

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"What?" Percy's voice was confused.

"What is it?"

"I... Uh..." He blushed, shy about it. Annabeth straightened up, leveling him with a demanding gaze. He coughed nervously. "When I was 11, I met a girl as Rosanne's pizzaria, but her mom made her leave before I got to know her name. I never learned it..."

"Clearly you did." She huffed, starting to move.

"Come on, baby." He sighed, pulling her closer to his chest. "You know I love you, Wise Girl."

"Why'd you get so nervous and shy then?"

"Because I knew you would get jealous, Annabeth. I never even learned her name." Annabeth pouted, and he held her tighter to him, kissing her neck. Her body relaxed, despite her attempts to stiffen up. "The only Person I vould think of who she vould mean would be you."

"Why?" She huffed.

"When we went to the Pizzaris, you said you remembered it, right? Maybe that girl was you, and we never knew it." Annabeth looked down at their hands as he entwined their fingers together and brought it up to kiss the back of her hand.

"How would it have been me?"

"The little girl was blonde. She had grey eyes, if I remember right." Annabeth looked down, blushing. He nuzzled her neck playfully, before pulling away from her and taking the locket, resting it on her chest, the chain around her neck.

"What are you-"

"Just take it. You got it open after all." He kissed her cheek. "And it looks beautiful on you."

Annabeth smiled and sighed, turning to lean against him, ear over his heart. Percy held her tight, closing his eyes happily. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth kissed him, moving so she was straddling his hips. Percy put his hands on her waist, and Annabeth pressed herself against him. Percy clutched her tighter against his chest. Annabeth moaned, nipping at his bottom lip, pulling at his raven hair, shivering as his hands went under her shirt, touching her skin. Annabeth felt her his hands begin to pull at the hem of her shirt, pulling it up her body. 

Annabeth's own hands did the same to him. She was more successful in removing his shirt. That was the beauty in men's button up shirts. She could very easily undo the buttons, then slid it off his shoulders. Annabeth moved her hands over his body, not so subtly loving the feeling of his muscles tensing under her touch. It ended too quickly for her taste, though.

Annabeth yelped as the front door swung open and cowered against Percy, changing her position quickly so her legs were draped over his lap.

It was Piper, who looked relieved. "Oh, thank the gods your okay!"

"How did you find us?" Percy raised an eyebrow, breathing heavily, hands still under her shirt.

"You think this is the first beach house I've rudely barged into today?" She grinned and moved to sit beside them. Annabeth relaxed, curling more into Percy's bare chest. Piper reached out and held Annabeth's hand. "I heard what happened."

"From who?" Annabeth whispered.

"Percy's mom. I ran into her outside this pizza parlor. The pizza there, by the way... Amazing! Anyways... She told me the address, but I forgot, so I've been knocking and asking."

"There wasn't much knocking that just occurred." Percy grunted bitterly. Piper grinned.

"Oh, I noticed. Didn't anyone ever tell you too lock the doors before you try to have sex?"

Annabeth blushed blood red and buried herself further into her boyfriends chest. Piper laughed. "I'm joking, Annie. Chill." Annabeth bit the inside of her cheek and nestled deeply into Percy's chest. He held her tighter and kissed her forehead. 

"It's okay, baby." He whispered to her. "I promise you."

She smiled shakily at him and Percy kissed her lips adoringly. It turned her insides to mush. Piper cooed, breaking the moment. "Sorry, guys, I love you, but shouldn't we get Annabeth's stuff? You're mom is kinda waiting outside, Percy."

Percy started choking on nothing, his face bright red. "I thought you were alone!"

"Nope. I may have lied about knocking on random doors and asking."

"Obviously!" Percy groaned, standing, carrying Annabeth bridal style. Annabeth clung to him with a whimper until he put her on the ground, arm around her waist still. Piper stood and left. Percy let out a soft sigh, hugging Annabeth, his face in her hair. She closed her eyes, loving the warmth that came off his body.

"Least it was Piper over your mom, right?" Annabeth sighed. Percy laughed.

"If it were my mom, she would be yelling at us still." He broke away and pressed his forehead against hers, closing his eyes. Annabeth smiled and watched his face. She was suddenly scared. Scared that this night would end in tragedy. Scared that her father might appear and attack her. Scared that this would be the last time she got to kiss him. Terrified that if the night did in in catastrophe, then it would be Percy who was lost, instead of herself. 

Tears pricked at her eyes and Annabeth kissed him deeply, hugging him. He kissed her back, his hold on her waist surprised. When they broke apart again, Annabeth had one of her hands on his chest, staring blankly at his torso, tears still prickling her eyes. "Just in case something goes wrong..."

"Don't say that. You're gonna be fine, baby." He kissed her forehead. Annabeth shook her head.

"I'm more worried about you. I know for a fact that if my dad shows up and goes after me, you'll throw yourself in between me and him. My dad will kill you if you do it." She whispered. "I know he will." Percy sighed and held her to his chest. "After everything, I can't lose you. I just can't!"

"You won't." He pulled away, hands on her shoulders. "Nothing, and I mean nothing, could ever take me from you, Annabeth. I swear it."

She sniffled, and he huffed, kissing her again, hands on the sides of his face, fingers tangling in her hair. Annabeth felt a warmth race through her, heating her face and blood, feeling like she was being watched. She pulled away and glanced around, but nobody was there. Percy drew away from her and she watched him grab his shirt. His muscles rippled under his tan skin as he shrugged the button up on. Annabeth moved to help him button it up, just wanting to be close to him for as long as possible.

She did the last button, and hesitated, before undoing it, leaving some of his skin showing behind the white fabric. He raised an eyebrow and she looked up at him, before whispering. "You look better with one undone." Percy laughed, smiling. Annabeth rubbed her nose against his, "I love you, Seaweed Brain."

"I love you, too, Wise Girl."

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