Chapter 34 - SHIT

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Two Months into the summer, and it was Annabeth's 17th birthday. She spent the day in her mom's apartment, listening to Demi Lovato, Kellys Clarkson, and Lindsey Stirling, her headphones over her ears. Percy had just gotten the neck brace off, had just gone home, the day before. Piper was with her dad in Hawaii for a vacation. Her mom was at work. Helen, Matthew, and Bobby had left New York a few weeks before. She was hopelessly alone.

Annabeth didn't mind it. Not even 10 months before, she'd spent so much time alone, that the silence was welcomed, welcoming even. But she missed Percy. Her phone lay silent, a few inches from her face, while she read a book. Her grey eyes flicked up to the dark screen in uncertainty, biting her lip.

Should she text someone? Ask if they knew what the day was?

Annabeth shook her head. It wasn't the first birthday that had gone forgotten. 16 of them had been ignored already. One more wouldn't hurt... Right?

Her heart broke at the thought, and she put her bookmark inbetween the pages and grabbed her phone. Turning it on, she saw that she hadn't missed any messages. Annabeth bit her lip, debating. She opened Percy's contact, about to send a text, when his face lit up her screen, frozen in a goofy smile, his perfectly straight teeth showing, his tongue sticking out, the neck brace just visible in the bottom of the picture. Piper had admitted to being jealous of his perfect eyebrows.

Annabeth didn't blame her.

She answered immediately and put the phone to her ear, popping her headphones from the headphone jack.. "Hey, Seaweed Brain, what's up?"

She tried to not sound relieved that he'd called first. "I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out."

"Sounds good. I've been alone all day, so."

"Well stop being lonely and meet me outside your building."

"You're not allowed to drive, Percy." She sighed.

"I walked. With Mrs O'Leary." Annabeth smiled. He'd gotten a dog as an early birthday present. She was a large black Lab, with large honey colored eyes, and a love for rubber balls. She was good at protecting Percy, though. When he'd come home, he'd tripped, and she was right at his side, keeping him from breaking his neck - again.

"Gods. I'll be down in a few... I love you."

"I love you, too, baby."

Annabeth smiled and stood, slipping her feet into sandles and going to the penthouse elevator, hitting the lobby button.

Getting down was quick and easy, and outside the building stood Percy and Mrs. O'Leary, her tail wagging excitedly. Annabeth ran outside and hugged him, arms around his neck, eyes closed. Percy laughed, holding her, Mrs. O'Leary's leash in his hand. The dog barked and Annabeth drew from her boyfriend a little, kissing his lips passionately.

She no longer had to restrain herself. Happiness exploded in her chest, releasing the tension and fear she'd felt since he'd had that brace put on. She rested her hand against his bare neck, warmth melting the ice from her cold fingers. Her apartment was chilled to the bone. It felt good to be outside in the heat.

"Did you miss me?"

"You have no idea. I really needed a happy birthday kiss." He laughed.

"Well, here's another." He kissed her deeply, dipping her backwards. Annabeth laughed, holding onto him tightly, not breaking contact. She didn't want too.

"Mmm..." She moaned softly as he crushed her body against his, standing straight, her front plastered against his. "I missed you more than you could ever know."

Percy smiled and put his arm around her shoulders, and they started walking, Annabeth comfortably tucked under Percy's arm. He whispered in her ear as they walked. "Trust me, I know. I missed being able to kiss your neck." She blushed. "And touch you," Annabeth's skinned darkened to a new shade of red. "Feeling your body against mine."

"She up." She squeaked, laughing nervously as they passed the old couple who lived a floor down from her.

"I missed waking up with you in my bed, your hair everywhere, looking like your mind had been blown."

"Okay, that happened once!" She laughed, her face undeniably tomato red. Percy laughed and kissed her cheek.

"I know just how much you missed me, Wise Girl."

She clamped up, arm around his waist. She wanted to pinch his side, but she decided against it. When they got to his apsrtment, it was abanfoned, with a plate of blue cookies, a wrapped gift and a birthday card on the table. She ignored all of it, pulling Percy to his room after he unhooked Mrs. O'Leary's leash and hung it up. They got to his room, and Annabeth laid down on her back on the mattress. Percy crawled over her and began to kiss her neck, his hands slowly moving over her body, venturing wherever Annabeth wanted them too. They made up from the last two months with touches and kissed, the two of them having the whole rest of the day to themselves.

At least, it seemed like that. Sure, they spent hours kissing, Percy constantly exploring her body with his hands, or kissing her neck ,leaving love bites and obvious hickeys on her skin, Annabeth peeling Percy's shirt off, attempting to remove more than his 3 Doors Down band tee. Sure, they didn't stop at making out and touching. But neither of them realized that they weren't alone in the house. After Annabeth had fallen asleep in Percy's arms, body against his, listening to his racing heart, someone decided to get an airhorn.

The bedroom door burst open, a song blared, and an airhorn screeched. Confetti rained down on Annabeth and Percy as the woke. Annabeth screamed, and the person who had entered screamed in return. "SHIT! THEY'RE NAKED!"

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