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1 Week Later

Carly: zane r u pranking me rn?

Zane: what?? no

Carly: fr? bc i swear i just heard someone in my house

Zane: no im not

Zane: i promise

Carly: david? is it u

David: nope

Carly: okay if its any of u tell me now bc i might call 911

Zane: its probably just ur imagination

Carly: um no its fkn not


Marina: girl call 911!

Carly: okay i am

Marina: text us as soon as ur back

Carly: ok

Marina: lock ur door

Carly: kk

Erin: wait wtf theres someone in our house?!?!

Marina: yeah carly is calling the police rn

Erin: okayy imma stay at starbucks a lil longer then

Kristen: hey u good carly?

David: can i come over and vlog this?

Marina: david! there is a possible murderer in her house no u can not go over there rn

Zane: o fuk carly u good?

Liza: caaaaaarly

Marina: now im starting to get worried

Zane: please dont be dead

Zane: please please please

Erin: u guys are freaking me out, there is a serial killer about to kill carly??

Marina: possibly

Zane: nononono

Liza: maybe shes talking with police

Marina: but what if

Zane: what if what??

Marina: nvm..

Zane: say it!

Marina: ... what if shes dead..

Liza: shes not

Kristen: she cant be

Kristen: right?

Marina: srry guys im such a pessimest

Gabbie: is anyone else not freaked out by how shes just not responding

Marina: yes

Kristen: yea

Marina: carlyyy come back

Gabbie: shes not....

Zane: but she is

Zane: i have to go

Zane: someone text me if she comes back on

Marina: as much as i hate to go, i have to study for my final

Marina: we love u carly xx

Kristen: guys shes not dead

Gabbie: maybe...

Todd: wtf is going on

Gabbie: someone murdered carly

Marina: u guys know what i just realized..

Kristen: what

Gabbie: What?

Marina: ..."and we died"...

Zane: fuuuuuck

Erin: i think im going to be sick

Kristen: no...

David: holy shit this is good

Marina: wtf no its not

David: for the vlog i mean

Kristen: wth david carly IS DEAD

Zane: dont say that!

Kristen: its the truth

Liza: carly come back

Zane: whatever

Marina: guys lets just wait a few minutes and maybe she'll text us back

Gabbie: k

Erin: yeah

Kristen: alright...

30 mins later

Carly: hey guys im not dead, but there was someone in my house and it took longer than i thought it would to talk to police so sorry for worrying u guys

Kristen: carly!!! we thought you were dead

Liza: i was so worried about you!!

Marina: im so glad youre okay

Zane: thank god

David: so theres nothing left to vlog

Marina: david carly almost just died

David: im going to take that as a no

Alex: hey mah dudes

Marina: alex u just missed everything

Alex: what happened??

Marina: someone broke into carly's house and we all thought she was dead

Zane: ^^ speak for ya self hun

Kristen: ^^ oh please u were praying to god that she wasnt dead

Alex: he was?

Carly: he was??

Zane: no!!!

Marina: yes he was

Carly: aw thats sweet but now i feel bad

Zane: atleast your safe now

Heath: its YOU'RE u dumbass bitch

Zane: mofo i thought the love of-

Zane: carly just died!

Heath: uh huh carly not the love of ur life? what were u gonna say?

Zane: stfu and stop being a grammar police

Marina: zane...

Zane: yes?

Marina: shes with bruce

Zane: i know

Marina: im so sorry bby

Zane: its all whatever

Zane: bye

David: holyyyy

Marina: moly its a macroni

Gabbie: 😂

Kristen: wow 😂

Marina: heyy guys i have to go study for my finals now, good night 💖

Liza: night 

Gabbie: ur going to sleep? 

Kristen: but its so early

Marina: im 3 hours ahead of yall

Kristen: ohh

Gabbie: duhhh

Marina: byeee xx

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