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JeanetteR: ever wondered the real reason diza broke up?

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User45: uhh who is marina and why was david sliding into her dms??


User89: umm is that code?

  User26: ^^ yes its binary

    User89: ^^ why are they using that?? Can u translate

        User26: ^^ idk why would i know? u can just find a translator online

User51: who is this girl?

User29: im crying, please tell me this isnt real

User82: whaaaat


Stan25: :0000 no way

User36: it isnt your place to be telling us this,, if they didnt want us to know, then we shouldnt

User49: wow this rlly blew up

Dizalvr: @ DAVIDDOBRIK @ LizaKoshy  yall should see this

----Mean While----

Marina stumbled to the door, swinging it open. She rushed down the hall, camera in hand. In her heart she knew something was off, but pushed the suspicion away.  fearing she was too late. She rounded the corner just in time to see todd push david off the balcony. Everything  played out in slow motion when she caught his eyes as he was falling. His eyes were a watery brown, panic reflected in them. He opened his mouth as if screaming for help, but Marina couldn't hear a word.

Then his face slipped beneath the balcony, and he was gone.

"NO!" she cried

but it was too late

Todd turned around, a manic smile planted on his face.

Marina rushed to the door locking it just in time. She fell to her knees, todd banging on the door. The camera slipped out of her hands as she slipped into despair.


Scott: Marina? we're here

Kristen: please be alive

Erin: uh do any of u guys know a Jeanette ?

Zane: no y

Erin: i just got a letter...

Zane: whats it say?

Erin: "see you soon, bitches" with a BLOODY HANDPRINT AND I THINK IT MIGHT BE REAL

Carly: wtf

Heath: everyones been @ ing me in a tweet here - click to open tweet

Carly: someone's playing some messed up game

Erin: lets hope 

Marina: call 911

Heath: marina!

Zane: whats wrong??

Marina: please

Erin: wheres alex??

Scott: ok im calling now, what should i tell them

Marina: send police

Marina: please i dont wanna die

Carly: marina i need you to explain to me whats going on

Marina: no time

Marina: tell alex i love him

Erin: this isnt happening

Kristen: im shaking

Zane: marina?


Scott: okay i called, they said they're on their way but it might take a little while

Erin: we dont have time!!

Carly: Marina I need you to explain what happened, just focus on texting ok?

Marina: ok...

Marina: i heard todd and david on the balcony...

Erin: oh god

Marina: and i rushed out to make sure they were ok

Marina: when I got there there i saw todd pushbvjrhb

Kristen: marina u ok??

Marina: yea todd just banged on the glass and i got scared. i saw todd push david off the balcony

Carly: omg

Erin: wth???

Kristen: marina, i need you to go to the door, and let scott, heath, and zane in 

Marina: okay...


    Marina pulled herself up, legs shaking. The banging on the glass wouldn't stop. She turned around to look at it, and saw that the fragile door was already cracking under the pressure. She immediately snapped into action and sprinted for the front door. Just as she twisted the knob, and pulled the door open, she heard the ear-piercing shattering of the glass door.

Scott, Zane, and Heath rushed in running to whereever Todd was by now. Marina fell onto the floor, sobs coming from her mouth. 

"hey" a hand touched her arm.

she jerked away, eyes snapping open.

"oh, its just you." marina sniffled, as she stared into the warm brown eyes of Alex.

"Just me? I thought you were going to die!" He wrapped his arms around her, and she thought for a moment she could hear him cry too.

then her phone buzzed with a text

they both looked down

          *     *     *


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So I finally updated! Im trying to update every single one of my stories bc tomorrow, (Jan 2nd) is my 1 year anniversary of being on wattpad!

I haven't updated this story for awhile for two reasons,

1 I originally didn't know where this story was gonna go, so I had some good ol' ~writer's block~

2 Im not really apart of the vs fandom any more?? idk Ive been apart of the fandom since earlyyyy 2016, and they'll always have a special place in my heart, but its just not the same :/

but don't worry! I will still be updating this story <3

((Also I've had the first half of this chapter in my drafts for the LONGEST TIME lol))

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