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Well, today's the big day.

Marina sat at her small vanity, if it could even be called that. A table with a mirror that was supposed to be the kind that goes on the floor, served as a vanity. It was painted white, so it only looked a little bit trashy. But Marina didn't care. The simple life had never bothered her much anyway.

She pulled out her eyeshadow and decided on an earthy tone. Her hand started shaking, because as she looked at her eyes in the mirror, all she could see was his. His dark brown eyes, sweet as chocolate, staring right back at her.

Marina! She snapped back into reality, focus, your make up can not look bad today of all days. She silently continued applying the rest of her face. But the entire time all she could think of was alex, and she was nervous as hell.


Marina looked down to her phone in surprise.


Hey we're landing now


She picked up her phone and answered

Marina: hey okay see u soon 💖

Alex💕: I cant wait 

Marina: me either 😘

Alex💕: <3

Marina: i have to go finish my makeup, see u l8r ♡

Alex💕: okay see u in 3 hours

Alex💕: wait why are u doing ur makeup so early?

Marina: alex it is an art. art takes time

Alex💕: whatever u sayy

Marina: lmao okay bye now ♡

Alex💕: bye baby

Alex💕: um autocorrect i meant marina

Marina: how does it correct marina to baby?

Alex💕: um idk

Marina: then why u typing baby so much?

Alex💕: um

Alex💕: dont u have to go do ur makeup

Marina: oh yeah okayy bye alex see u soon ♡♡

Alex💕: see you ❤

Marina turned her phone off, only to have to buzz again. It was from the group text, which she had noticed had been rather abandoned lately.

David: nataileee

David: nataileeeeee

David: nataile if u dont respond ur fired

Nataile: what do you need

David: i want chipotle

Marina: chipotle is lifeee

Todd: ^^ i think thats what link had

Corinna: gross todd

Gabbie: ew no one wanted to know that

Marina: why does todd like to talk about dog shit so much?

Corinna: just a weird obsession he has

Natalie: i dont know where any are

David: well go find one

Natalie: the nearest one is 10 miles away

David: well youd better get going

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