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1 day before project AM

Alex nervously adjusted his suit, while david turned his camera on. They were standing outside of the airport, waiting for a few more people to arrive.

"and 3..2..1..," david mumbled, letting alex know he was about to start filming. Most of their friends were on their phones, or walking inside already.

"Are you ready to meet the girl of your dreams alex?"

"Ready as I'll ever be David." Alex responded in a deep voice. "Nice." david said, turning his camera to everyone else, as they walked inside. Alex trailed behind, admiring the way everything looked when it was dark. It felt like no one else was up, but he knew Marina was. Just thinking about her name sent chills through him. Marina, he thought to himself, what a beautiful name. 

"Hey man, you coming?" David called from the doors.

"Yeah." Alex replied, looking away from the dimly lit streets of L.A. 


   After getting a montage of standing in line, they went to the gate and waited. The airport was mostly empty, since it was the middle of the night. Alex listened to pieces of conversations, like Kristen and Liza talking about how excited they were to finally meet Marina. Then Zane saying to heath that he was happy he was going to be able to see hidaya again. Alex was just nervous. All he could think about was Marina, but then he realized, he didnt even know her eye color. So he pulled out his phone and started texting her.

Alex: what color are your eyes?

Marina: hey why are you up so  late? and hazel

Alex: oh we're getting on the flight now

Marina: we're?

Alex: yeah me & the rest of the passengers

Marina: oh okay,, anything else you want to know about me before you come?

Alex: whats your favorite food?

Marina: chocolate, pulled pork idk i forgot the rest of them

Alex: ok

Alex: wait, how do you forget your favorite foods?

Marina: my mental heath isnt great

Alex: o shit

Marina: sorry if you dont want to come its okay

Alex: no no, its not that

Marina: what is it?

Alex: im just worried thats all

Marina: worried??

Alex: about you

Marina: bby u dont need to be worried, ive been like this my whole life

Alex: that makes me worry even more

Marina: aw thats sweet, but dont be. ive lived through it this long, i can do it longer

Alex: okay gotta go, love yo- alex started to type, but once he realized what he was saying he deleted it. She can't know yet.....but maybe she already knows? this is just a mess. he said to himself, frustrated. 

Alex: gotta go, see you soon ❤️

Marina: see ya ♡

"OooOOooO, they sendin hearts!" he heard heath shout from behind him. Immediately, all the members of the vlogsquad's head turned, and started talking all at once.

"ooo alex gotta bae." he heard someone say.

"alex why didnt you tell us you were together?" he heard another say.

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