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That night changed her life forever.

feeling the cold, Marina cuddled closer to alex. Mhhh, wait what- She moved back and looked at him, who was shirtless. Did....? Oh fuck.... He rustled in bed, and his eyes fluttered open. She stared into his brown eyes, mesmerized, as he looked into her hazel eyes.

"Good morning beautiful." He said with a smile. Immediately marina's face lit up, but then she remembered, that she had no idea what happened last night. She swallowed the lump in her throat and asked,

"Um...what h-happened last night?" I sound so damn stupid dont I?

"uhh well the party- oh OH n-no we didn't d-do...that..." Marina laughed as his face turned red, and she ran her hand along his jaw.

"I don't remember anything. Tell what happened last night, all of it."

"Okay, well I should start when we first got back..."


Everyone was dancing to the deafening music, as Marina weaved through the crowd. She had never realized just how many people were in the vlogsquad until now. She made it to the food table, where Liza was standing by herself.

"You okay?" She asked noticing the disappointment on her face.

"Yeah yeah im fine."

"Oh damn, Liza whats wrong?"

"Its-nothing." Her voice cracked.

"Do you wanna go sit down." She shook her head.

"Why not?" She only pointed to the couches. Marina looked over there, confused. She scanned the couches, and her eyes landed on david.

"Oh hunny, what did he do? I will beat his-"

"He...He brought someone else..."

"What?!? Hes cheating on you?"

"No...w-we broke up. I broke up with h-him.."

"..." Marina thought for a moment. How can you make someone whos heartbroken happy, just for a few minutes?

"I should go now...you have fun, this is all for you ya know. Alex is waiting for you." She said, sniffling.

"Liza I can't leave you here like this, you're breakin my heart right now."

"T-thats what david s-said when I-" She started crying, and Marina did the only thing she could do. She wrapped her arms aroung liza and said,

"I know right now, it doesn't seem like it, but it will be better. I promise you, and I promise I will always be right here whenever you need me. And for dobrik? You're better off without him. I don't know why you two broke up, but I will find you someone 10x better."



"Thanks for that Marina." She said pulling away, wiping her nose.

"Of course. But what are you going-"

"I'll go find kwisten."


"And you find alex~"

"Oh my God, liza!" Liza laughed as she skipped away, off to find kristen. Marina shook her head, smiling, and looked over the food. She picked up some chip, and was about to eat them, when someone grabbed her from behind. She stuffed them in her mouth, and turned around suprised.

"Hey." A smiling face said.

"Hey, can I ask something?"


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