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+123-420-321 added +235-419-085, +234-643-4567, +234-421-678 and 20 others to a group chat

123-420-321: sup mah dudes

235-421-085: david why did u make this?

986-345-6543: okay more importantly, whose number is that??

123-420-321: what do u mean?

986-345-6543: umm i dont recognize the last number there

234-421-678: idk maybe u should ask

986-345-6543: ok liza, hey 321-456-2000 who are you?

234-421-678: v funny gabbie

123-420-321: yeah who are u? and sorry i accidentally added u in this group chat

345-321-8765: Nice going david

321-456-2000: heyy im marina & how'd u even have my number??

986-345-6543: yeah david why'd u have her # while ur w/liza

123-420-321: so funny gabbie. anyways im david dobrik as u might already know

985-345-6543: wow gettin cocky there david 😂

321-456-2000: wait,,, are u the david dobrik,,,

986-345-6543: damn it...

321-456-2000: and you're the gabbie hanna???

986-345-6543: yuppers

321-456-2000: and...is liza here too????

234-421-678: right here

321-456-2000: there is no fucking way this is real,,,its just a really good dream or smthn, then i'll have to wake up and face the shithole known as my life

Liza: nah bby this is real

David: if u want i can take u out of it

Marina: can i stay??? pweaseee

Gabbie: c'mon let her stay

356-432-1234: yeah let her stay!

Marina: who are u?

Zane: im zane

Marina: then of course you'd be with gabbieee 😏

Zane: oh no

Marina: waht

Zane: ..please dont tell me u ship us

Marina: :))))

Zane: shiiiiitttt

Marina: what can i say u 2 are so cuteee  💞

David: in that case...

Marina: hurry up pls the suspense is killing meee

David: u can stay on one condition...

Marina: anything for yall

Gabbie: oooo r u southern?

Marina: yup im from floridaa

David: u can stay if u promise not to give away our numbers 

Liza: and annoy gabbie & zane ;)

Me: i would never give away u guy's numbers anyways bc thats a shit thing to do :00 and yess i promise to annoy the hell outta them. #Zabbie ❤️❤️❤️

Zane: good grief

Gabbie: wait if ur southern does that mean u like biscuits? ( i hope thats not racist bc if it is im sry lol)

Marina: no idt its racist lol?? and yes i ❤️ biscuits

Gabbie: hb oranges since ur from fl??

Marina: oranges r okay but orange juice is disgusting

Zane: this is getting wierd... as liza would say, little brown girl is outtt byeeeeee

Liza: ok well now its wierd 😂

Marina: k gtg ttyl

Gabbie: byee

Liza: bye

David: is she gone?

Gabbie: yeah

David idk if i should kick her out or not

Gabbie: what? but u already said u would let her stay

David: yeah but shes just like a fangirl or smth and we dont even know how old she is, and this group chat is for the vlogsquad

Liza: it sounds like she has a sad life, just let her stay 

Gabbie: yeah atleast we might be able to take her mind off things for a while or smthn

David: fine

Zane: but if she says #zabbie one.more.time.

David: ^^ just another reason to let her stay 😂

Liza: got to go to a meeting, bye guys

Gabbie: i have to go out to lunch byee

David: k bye liza

Gabbie: hello im here too

David: i already knew that

Gabbie: 🙄

Zane: bye gabbie

Gabbie: tyy

Seen by David, Gabbie, Liza, Zane & Marina

// First off, no those are not their real number so DO NOT try to call them. Second idk what im doing w this story, normally i just let things flow and they turn out alright. Thank u for reading and dont forget to vote comment and/or add this to ur reading list!//

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