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David: marina i need ur opinion

Zane: is mine not good enough?

David: ur not a viewer

Zane: wow

Heath: wow u dont care abt my baby's opinion

David: 😑

Scott: someone is knocking at the door, r u guys expecting someone

Todd: that would be my postmates

Corinna: our postmatesss

Marina: whats up

David: ^^ finally

Corinna: whos that? is there someone new in the VS?

Marina: i wish lol david added me on accident

Corrinna: oh he let u stay?

Marina: yeah i think he wants advice for videos??

Kristen: marinas funnyy

Gabbie: yeah u shouldve been on yesterday corin

Corrinna: oh how old r u

Alex: hey guys

Zane: sup dude why were u gone for so long?

Gabbie: probably at church

Alex: just wasnt on my phone

Alex: and for the record, yes i was i was volunteering at a charity event that saves kittens tyvm

Corrinna: okay alex we dont care marinaaa whered u go

Alex: who?

Gabbie: why do we have to keep explaining this to everybody?? just read our earlier texts

Heath: zane wanna come over and do a coffee talk?

Zane: sure bby

David: marina u there? i still have to ask u smthn about the vlog

Marina: oh sry guys my roommate came in for a sec so i had to hide my phone

Gabbie: why ??

Corrinna: ???

Kristen: is everything okay?

Marina: its whatever ig anyways whats up david

David: i was gunna ask whos room i should put the wasps in

Kristen: NOT MINE

Todd: no dude

Corrinna: i will actually murder you

David: how about lizas?


Gabbie: ^^ preach

Marina: hb jason

David: take a vote

Todd: sure

Corrinna: as long as its not me im fine

Gabbie: suree

Liza: guys jason is old :///

David: babeee

Liza: ok okayy

Marina: aw

David: who else is on?

Marina: what about alex

Alex: sure but if u ever hurt bailey....

David: u know id never

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