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Dom: yo party tonight at aptm?
David: Dom we literally haven't even got back from the airport yet. Chill
Dom: oh where r u guys
Gabbie: squashed uncomfortably into ONE uber
Todd: not uncomfortable for me since ur on my lap 😏
Dom: niiiice
Kristen: Ew
Scott: wait are we going to the apartment?
David: yea
Scott: so everyone else is gonna have to take another uber then?
Dom: not if u go to MY PARTYYYYY 🎉🎉🎉
Dom: it's gonna be lit fam 💯💯💯💯
Marina: what is he on 🙄
Brandon: all of it
David: yeahhh lol
Corinna: Todd could u move ur dumbass backpack outta my face
Todd: hbu move ur dumbass face outta my backpack
Todd: oh um that wasn't supposed to come out like that
Todd: OWW did u just hit me??
Corinna: fuck you
David:'woah woah calm down
David: don't make me get Marina
Corinna: I'm not fucking 5 David
Marina: srsly David? She's a big girl she can handle herself
Todd: big girls don't cry
Corinna: big boys don't lie
Jack: me me big boy
Marina: ??? Um jacks not apart of the vs why is he in this?
David: oh just for the reference
Liza: what?
Scott: wat
David: nothing nothing ;)
Kristen: Scott can I have back rubs ples
Scott: but kristeeennnn there's no space
Kristen: ples scooty 💔
Scott: fineeee
David: ow u just elbowed me
Scott: well there are 6 of us in the back so
Corinna: ew get ur crusty self away from me
Todd: I'm not crusty
Corinna: yeah sure
Todd: I'm not!
Corinna: okayy
Todd: ur just mad that I'm w Gabbie
Corinna: no I'm "just mad" bc u CHEATED ON ME W MY FRIEND
Corinna: what don't you get about that?
Todd: whatever
Todd: bitch
Corinna: name calling? Really ? Now who's the five yr old
Marina: oh look guys we're here
Corinna: thank god now I don't have to sit next to this retard
Todd: oh Mrs. Name calling really?
Corinna: it would be ms dumbass since I ain't married THANK GOD NOT TO U
Marina: hey guys look we're leaving-----
Corinna: I'm leaving
Todd: well me too then
David: you 2 are so STOOPID
Zane: fr 🙄
Corinna: what ever
Todd: no u are one day EVERYONE will know that u cheated on Liza
Kristen: what?!?
Marina: ????
David: no Todd, that's not the reason we broke up 🙄 I'm so sick of everyone saying that
Todd: oh I know it's not the reason u two broke up. Liza never found out, did she David?
David: cmon Todd stop lying
Todd: it's not
Heath: holy shit
Zane: this isn't real
Carly: yeah there is no way this is real
Todd: I swear on everything
Erin: swear on TØP
Todd: I swear on TØP
Gabbie: anyone else noticing that David isn't replying?
Heath: yeah. David WTF MAN
Scott: is this true?
Zane: damn he ain't answering
Marina: .... U guys know that we're all sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM? we could just talk to him
Zane: oh yeahhhhh
Liza was the first to speak.
She turned around in her seat, to face David.
"Is this true?" She asked, her voice cracking.

"Pookie, pookie, you know I'd never-"

"Save it." She turned around in her seat, wiping tears away from her eyes.

"I promise." He said.

"Pookie promise?" Her voice held onto some hope.

"..." David was silent.

Liza rubbed her face, heart shattering into a thousand tiny pieces.

"Pookie I'm so-"

"I don't care. It doesn't matter now anyways."


"David." Marina turned around to look at him, shaking her head, signaling him to stop. The car came to a stop, the driver telling them they'd reached their destination. Everyone pushed their way out, Alex reaching for marinas hand to help her down.

She gazed up in awe at the buildings which towered above her. The hum of the cars engine as it drove away made her look back down, to see David coming up behind Todd. Nobody else saw him, and while she tried to yell nothing came out. The only thing she could do was tug on Alex's sleeve.
"What?" He asked.
Marina pointed to David a split second before his fist met todds head. Everything next played in slow motion. Immediately the boys ran to pull David off of Todd, where he was blindly punching him. Alex grabbed him by the waist and pulled him back. David flailed his arms and kicked his feet, but to no avail. Marina was pulled out of her trance when she looked over to see Liza crying. She walked over to her and put her arm around her.

"It's going to be-"

To Marinas surprise Liza buried her face in her chest and let everything loose. She rubbed her back soothingly, silence surrounding them.

"Hey." Alex said from behind her.

"Hey." She replied turning her head.

"We're heading up to the apartment. You uh, coming?" He asked, looking at a crying Liza.

"Um yeah yeah, I'll meet y'all up there. What room is it?"


"'Kay. Cya."


Marina turned her head back to face Liza.

"What do you want to do? You can come stay in the apartment with me if you want."

"No no, I should probably go home after I made this whole scene."

"Baby you weren't the one making a scene here." Marina laughed,"but you shouldn't be alone."

"I think I'll go get some food. Alex is waiting for you."

"That's what you always tell me. How do you know? Maybe he's not."

Liza shook her head and smiled,"Look up."

When she did she saw Alex standing watching her from the balcony . She waved, and he waved back, ducking his head in embarrassment.

"Okay you can go, but text me when you get home."


"Don't do anything stupid, okay?"


Marina looked her in the eye,"Promise."


"Okay. If you need anything just call me."

"I will."
They hugged, and Marina watched as Liza walked down the lonely streets of la.

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