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Gabbie: Marinaaaa

Todd: good job u woke me up

Corinna: oh u didn't get enough beauty sleep did u?

Todd: neither did u 

Corinna: u cant even see me

Todd: i can feel it

Corinna: 🖕

Gabbie: okay then

Todd: come on corinna 

Todd: u know i didnt mean it

David: draaaammmmaaaa

Todd: shut up u dumb fuck

David: why dont u go comfort your gf?

Todd: whatever im gonna go drink some vodka bye

Marina: what do u need dave

David: dave?

Marina: oh sry autocorrect lol

David: i kinda like the way it sounds "dave dobrik" but anyways why did it autocorrect? got someone speciaaaal

Alex: really david

David: just a question

Marina: yes i know someone named dave

Gabbie: ooo marinas got a bf

Alex: no she doesnt

Alex: what does he look like?

Alex: is he nice?

Alex: does he have a six pack?

Alex: are you two really dating??

David: woah there alex, calm down, like u said, u dont even know marina so stop being so possesive

Alex: shut up dave

Marina: 1. no 2. tall 3. to some people 4. ive never seen **ew** 5.no we're not 

Alex: told u david

David: marina did u know

Alex: dont

Alex: i will fucking kill u david

Alex: u know i will

David: ok ok fine

Marina: but now i wanna knoww

David: u can guess

Alex: but do that in your head cuz if u guess right david will tell

Marina: okay david what did u need?

David: well the girls said they wanted to get to know u better, but nonoe of them are here

Gabbie: i am

David: oh i forgot about u

Gabbie: everyone does

Marina: no we all luv u gabbie xx

Gabbie: awh ur the only nice one here

Liza: hey!

Gabbie: i meant on lol

David: okay ask marina some questions

Gabbie: ill go first

Marina: shoot

David: i can shoot u with a paintball gun? okay when u come i will make sure

Marina: not like that and ur prob gonna have to wait a while for that

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