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Zane: first

Scott: dang it

Zane: haha beat ya

David: whatcha up to

Zane: sitting on the toilet

Kristen: tmi 😳

Zane: well david asked

David: sry for asking

Gabbie: hey is marina on?

Kristen: ^^ who??

Gabbie: oh a girl who david added on acident

Kristen: and he let her stay?

David: liza and gabbie convinced me

Kristen: but do u know who she is??

Zane: no he doesnt, but for some reason he has her number 

David: honestly i have no idea how her # was in my phone

Kristen: oh maybe we can meet her one day

Gabbie: she lives in florida so prob not anytime soon but yeah maybe one day

Kristen: oh that succs

Gabbie: yeah shes chill

Marina: hey guys

Liza: heyy gurl

Gabbie: hey marina meet kristenn

Kristen: hi im kwisten

Marina: okk guys not sound weird or anything, but i know who yall are cuz i watch the vlogs 😂

Gabbie: im so fkn stupid

David: yes u r

Marina: no shes not she just forgott

Gabbie: ty finally someone understands

Marina: i forget things all the time so im used to that kinda shit

Marina: also kristen ur one of my favs 💖

Kristen: awww

Scott: no shes my fav

Marina: aww krotty 😍😍

Zane: ew mushy shit

Marina: shut up zane they're goals asff 

Kristen: aw thats so sweet of u

David: so im thinking about filming a bit today

Zane: oh no

David: where we have a flame thrower, then

Kristen: with who

David: zane todd jonah jason scott

Kristen: david thats a terrible idea

David: u didnt even let me finish

Marina: i agree w kristen do smthn else i dont want any of u to die

David: itll get so many views tho

Marina: but is it rlly worth one of u dying? actually that would b good clickbait but i love all yall so still think its a bad idea

Gabbie: ^^ someone who has some sense finally

David: ok how about releasing 100 wasps in someones room?

David: marina, would the viewers like something like that??

Marina: yeah it sounds interesting

David: okay good i'll get them now

Marina: but

David: what

Marina: not on jonah

David: why?

Marina: hes so fkn boringg i think most of us are sick of him,,,no offense,,,

Kristen:  😂 😂 😂

Todd: i told u guys!

Gabbie: i know i am 

Jason: kids these days are harsh

Marina: okay grandpa

Kristen: u know what? i think i like this girl  😂

Gabbie: Queeeen 👑

Marina: ❤️❤️

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