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Todd: i want foood

Marina: ^^ mood

David: todd its 1 in the morning u woke me up

Todd: well u should be awake we land in an hour

Zane: ^^ where we landin bois

Marina:^^ ya not funny zane...also isnt it where we droppin


Marina: u cant even get a girl zane

Heath: hahahaha 😂😂

Zane: cmon man

Heath: shes right tho lmfao

Zane: i can literally hear u laughing bish

Corinna: todd whered u go??

Todd: oh um

Corinna: todd wya

Corinna: this private jet isnt that big

Todd: i may have played my part in the vlog a little too well...

Corinna: what the hell is that supposed to mean?



David: holy fuck


Davids laugh echoed through the small plane, reaching where marina and alex were laying together. They were was a small space behind the seats, and since there were so many people, everyone couldn't fit.

"What is david laughing about now?" Marina asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Mhh could be anything." Alex whispered into her hair.

Marina cuddled in closer to alex, closing her eyes again, drifting off to-
Marina groaned, fully waking up. What is he yelling about now?, she asked herself.
Kristen: wtf is going on?
David: Todd cheated on Corinna...
Corinna: with who?
Corinna: wait....
Corinna: gabbie?
Gabbie: what?
Corinna: it was you
Scott: damn shit just got real
David, Heath, & Zane: shut up Scott
Marina: cmon guysss 🙄🙄
Gabbie: sry we were drunk
David: woah calm down
Gabbie: overacting much
Corinna: easy for you to say BITCH
David: uhhh can someone come over here and calm her down??
Jason: emotional cleanup on aisle 4
Marina: ur not funny grandpa
Heath: yeah even Scott's funnier than u
Marina: the truth comes out
David: fr tho guys,,,she's freaking out I need some help
Marina: kk I'll help, anyone else?
~3 Mins Later~
Marina: okaaaay then
Heath: update us bby
Marina: k I will
Marina: not even u tho Kristen?
Kristen: uhhhhhhmmmmmmmm ya
Marina: damn ok David have u talked to her at all?
David: um well she's kinda crying in the corner rn
Alex: oh so that's what that is
Heath: yeah pretty boi no shit
Marina: okay I'm coming
Heath: to Alex 😏
Marina: ...
Marina: yeahhh I'm leaving now...
David: look Heath u scared her away already and it hasn't even been 2 days
Heath: it's what I'm best at
Todd: yeah but can we get food now
Marina: Todd u just cheated on ur gf weren't not getting u fucking food
Heath: lmfao this goin on Twitter baby 😂
Marina: 🙃🙃
Marina quietly weaved her way between seats, and opened the door leading to the end of the plane. She could just barely make out Corinna's muffled sobs. She flicked on the light and was surprised to see a few vlogsquad members lying on the ground. They instantly perked up when she entered the room.
"Hey yeah so, she's over there..."  David nodded to the very back of the plane.
"Okay, yeah maybe you guys should..ya know...leave."
"Oh yeah yeah definitely. Come on guys lets go."
"Good luck." Heath whispered as he walked past her.
"Thanks." She mumbled back.
She looked at their faces as they pasted her, and noticed zane's sad face. She looked curiously at him, but he only shook his head as he shut the door. Marina sighed, and ambled over to Corinna.
"I don't wanna talk."
"That's fine, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do."
"But I do want to talk- that's the problem."
"Explain." Marina asked, perplexed.
"I-I haven't had a close close friend for a long time, but I'm too scared to try. My anxiety always kicks in whenever I do try, but the last time I had a close friend, it didn't end well."
"So....you're too scared of being hurt again?"
" I know so stupid, I shouldn't have even said any-"
"No no no, I completely understand what you mean, I felt the same way back in college." When Corinna didn't respond, marina continued, " I had a friend like that. More or less just a roommate, but I thought we were friends. Until she stabbed me in the back and started partying. I never got the guy, I never went to parties, I never truly lived til I met him. My whole world changed that day, I'll never forget it. These things happen for a reason, and I know that's probably the last thing you want to here right now, but it's true. If Todd doesn't, or um didn't, work out, then it just means that your soulmate is out there waiting for you. And he, or she, will never take you for granted, and you two may face problems, because no couple is completely perfect, but then again, isn't that what makes love perfect? Two imperfect people coming together to celebrate and love our perfection sand our imperfections, and I promise you, that one day you will find the right one. Good things happen to good people, so consider yourself lucky. Oh and also, we all love you, please don't forget that."

Corinna sniffles, and wiped her nose, turning to face Marina.
" You really mean it?"
"Of course." She pulled her in for a hug, and they stayed like that from a second, before Marina got up.
" imma go check how much longer we've got til we land. Need anything?"
" yeah. Food, water, and tell Todd to go fuck himself."
"Will do" Marina smiled and walked out the door.

"Holy shit!" She screamed. She had walked out the door to see everyone huddled around it, and it slowly sunk in that they'd all heard it, and David had filmed it all.
"Whoops didn't mean to scare ya." Heath called out.
"Y'all are gonna make me have a heart attack one day."
"Imagine that clickbait,"my bestfriend died'. Or maybe better yet, 'my bestfriends girlfriend died'."
"Sheesh dobrik, I just met ya. Also how much did you guys hear?" She asked anxiously.
They all looked around at each other for a bit, all replying in unison,"All of it."
"great, just great..." She muttered to herself.
"You're really good at talking to people, have you ever done public speaking?" Kristen asked.
"No actually, I despise it, but why are we talking about this?"
" you're right, let's partyyy!" Heath shouted. From there it descended into chaos, one in which Marina silently sneaked to the food for Corinna. She grabbed the first thing she could find and some water, and walked back. On the way there she passed Todd, who was making out with Gabbie. She stopped in the middle of the row.
"Fuck you~" she continued her walk, earning confused looks from the two. She opened the door, but Corinna was passed out on the floor asleep. Marina smiled, and put the food and water down next to her. She closed the door, walking back to where she had been in the morning.
Alex was waiting in the exact same spot. He smiled as she neared, reaching his hands out.
"You're just too cute." She smiled, laying down next to him. They faced the window, looking down unto the mountains, peacefulness settled over them, over the roaring music.
"Will you sing something?" Alex asked her, sleepiness in his voice.
"Sure, what'd you like?"
" I dunno , you choose."
"And a 1 and a 2 and a 1234!" Alex shouted, bringing a smile to marinas face.
" I really don't give a damn how you touch me when we're alone, you can hold my hand if no ones home. Do you like it when I'm away,if I wouldnt hurt my body baby would you still love me the same? I can feel all my bones coming back, and I'm craving motion- mama never really learned how to live alone-"
At this point Marina, finally, realized that 1 Alex was asleep, and 2 everyone was listening to her sing.
"Oh um....." She blushed and looked down, not knowing what to say. Suddenly a pluses filled the silence, which also woke Alex,
"Damn Marina, this entire vlog is mainly all you." David laughed.
"Dammit David, your annoying laugh woke me up. Also why'd you stop singing Marina?"
"Should I continue?"
"Yes!" Everyone shouted together.
Marina smiled, content with wherever her life was going. She looked down to Alex's face, and was sure of this.

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