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David: hey

Gabbie: sup

David: has marina seen the vlog

Gabbie: idk i dont have her personal # just on the group chat

Liza: how do u think shes gonna take it?

Corinna: shes p chill, i think she'll be okay

Gabbie: yeah dont worry liza shes tough

Zane: dont u guys barely know her

Gabbie: ^^ shut up zane

Liza: well it is kinda true, i mean we dont really know her

Gabbie: i could make a list of all the things i know abt her

Zane: ^^ yeah and itd be a page long

Gabbie: ^^ shut up zane

Kristen: what waits wrong with the vlog?

David: well i have the texts in it and made a joke abt how alex cant get a gf...

David: also im a lil offended that u didnt watch the vlogs

Kristen: sry i only watch my bf vlogs 

Liza: :(

Kristen: & my gfs <333

Liza: yay <3

David: back to the point..

David: will she be okay?

Corinna: maybe we should make a groupchat w just the girls?

Gabbie: yeah

Liza: I'll make it!

David: okay text me what happens

Liza: kk

David: on private

Liza: ok ok pookie

David: k love u

Zane: fkn mushy shit again?

Heath: calm yo panties hoe

Zane: da faq u callin a hoe bitch?

David: not right now guys

Zane: sry

Liza added Kristen, Gabbie, and 2 others to a groupchat

Liza: hey marina u okay?

Kristen: yeah we're all worried abt u

Gabbie: we love chu bby

5 mins later

Corinna: shes not reading these

Gabbie: what are we gonna do?

Kristen: ig we'll just have to wait

Liza: yeah she'll have to see these eventually

2 hours later

Marina: hey guys, i couldnt go on bc i had finals in my classes

Gabbie: oh whoops

Marina: yeah my phone kept going off & it was so embarresing lol

Kristen: oh sryy

Marina: its worth it tho

Corinna: even after what happened?

Marina: what?

Marina: ^^ oh the whole alex thing? its whatever i dont really care what he does lolll

Liza: oh thank god

Gabbie: kk good

Corinna: im so glad ur not upset abt the vlog

Kristen: same

Marina: wait what happened in the vlog?

Gabbie: well shit

Kristen: its not really important

Corinna: yeah alex sucks


Corinna: what??

Gabbie: u shouldnt have told her

Corinna: ohhh

Marina: ...

Liza: just dont watch it

Marina: i'll try

Kristen: hey guys wanna go out & get dinner? im starving

Liza: im up 4 it

Gabbie: sure

Corinna: cant im busy

Liza: with whaat

Corinna: going out to eat w someone

Marina: is that someone todd?

Corinna: maybe

Marina: eee torinnaaa

Corinna: what lol?

Marina: it ya ship name duhh

Corinna: oh im stupid

Gabbie: kristen what time

Liza: i can do 6

Kristen: k 6

Gabbie: i'll come over and pick u two up

Kristen: kk

Liza: sounds good

Marina: have fun guys :')

Gabbie: oh well u prob have some cute boy to hang out w im sure theyre all over u

Marina: i'll remind u again you dont know what i look like lol

Corinna: why dont u change that then

Marina: maybe l8r

Gabbie: im coming over now

Liza: k

Kristen: see ya

Marina: but guys what was on the vlog?



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