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"What should I do" Jamal kept going on about his stupid neck brace as if I didn't have enough problems in my plate

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"What should I do" Jamal kept going on about his stupid neck brace as if I didn't have enough problems in my plate.

"No clue and I have other problems" I said running while thinking about my upcoming death. " like what?" The boy with a neck brace asked as if meeting Oscar was no problem.

"I don't know like I have to have a sit down with a cold blooded gang leader and attempt to explain why his brother should be exempt from the life his living man how do you do that without being insulting" after my whole rambling and explaining my case he had the nerve to say.

"or getting killed" he said with an anguished face. " why would you say that" my anxiety was killing me. "pass the ball" Vicky yelled from her side of the court. She was playing volleyball in some tight P.E shorts.

"Dude breath Vicky Gonzales two o'clock" she was bouncing up and I couldn't help myself. "Follow the bounce imagine you're riding that wave you bounce up and down is washing over you like a full body massage". She just kept bouncing and I just kept staring.

"I'm riding the wave I'm bouncing can I rub her down with sunscreen" I just want to run my hands all over her body. "No" Jamal said was that to strange. "No sunscreen BABYOIL she likes to take risks"

"And I can be dangerous" my little daydream of my friend was cut off by Monse. "After school Ruby's house 3:30" she order with her hands crossed giving us a bossy attitude. "For what" Jamal asked confused as in why she was so eager.

She went on and on about our plan to talk to Oscar. She had a script for me the smooth talker yeah right what can be better than this. My death was once again brought up " we don't want you to die" she said smoothly.

"Breath follow the bounce" Jamal encouraged trying to calm me down. Monse left me with even more panic. "What the hell was that she's not even in this class".

Moments like this is when I appreciate Jamal.
"Up and down look take a mental snapshot deposit it in your bank and make a withdrawal later in your room". That's right I stoped realizing I had my room back no more abuelita. "My room I forgot I finally finally have my own room."

I had arrived at the Martinez household early

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I had arrived at the Martinez household early. Rene wasn't home so I left early so he wouldn't see me leave. He's been on my ass lately trying to act like a parent all of a sudden.

Ruby was angry that once again he didn't have his own room something about a cousin. Abuelita explained how her parents were deported. "Why can't she sleep with the twins or on the couch this is reverse sexism". I couldn't hold back my laugh yet my laugh stopped when I saw an attractive girl my age walk in.

"I can sleep on the couch" she said even her voice is pretty. When Ruby turned around my heart ached he looked at her like I dreaded he would. She smiled at him while he drooled over her.

I couldn't take it anymore so I went outside to wait for the others. While sitting down on the pavement a group of prophets were walking down the side walk. I knew one of them as Cohen his real name was Nico.

I looked the other way trying to be unnoticed but it didn't work. " what's up princess why you sitting her all alone where's the little saint you hang out with" Cohen joked he always thought me and Cesar were together. "Did he leave you for that Finnie girl don't worry I like myself some Latina babes so you can bring that ass here" he joked his little posse laughing.

"Cohen you better leave if Rene or Oscar see you here you'd be dead" I knew Cohen as a kid his mom was my moms friend I cared for the boy maybe just a bit. "I ain't scared of Spooky and your brother but why so worried mami"

Before I could answer I saw my three friends walking down the sidewalk. Cohen got closer to my face close to my lips holding me by the waist before he said " we will talk about this later mami meet me later here is my number".

" is that Cohen Victoria what do you think you're doing" Cesar said angered at my conversation with a prophet. I ignored his rant and walked inside sitting on the Martinez porch.

" I don't have my own room but" Ruby said obviously excited to talk about the girl who took his room. I rolled my eyes as he explained The whole cousin not cousin thing.

I zoned out obviously I didn't want to hear this fantasy Ruby had with his cousin. I also wondered if Cohen was the one who tried claiming me. The santos have been arguing about some prophet trying to claim me.

"Ruby" screamed Mrs. Martinez from inside the house. " Ruben" he corrected his mother who seemed angry. "Guys this is Olivia she's staying with us a little while"

"Is it me or things just got weird" she said while the boys drooled over the new girl. "It's you" I mumbled obviously not liking the girl. " Its you I'm Monse this is Jamal and Cesar" Monse said smiling at the girl while pointing at the guys.

" that quiet girl over there is Vicky" I nodded and looked at my feet. I mean it's not her fault she's pretty and Ruby is drooling over her. "Ignore the stares they haven't been neutered" she said while the boys kept staring as she was the last pizza slice in the box.

Monse made Jamal tell her about his neck. Monse and Ruby were talking about the plan behind us. Cesar did his stupid shirt flirt thing that annoys me. Yeah she totally fell for you by looking at your abs idiot.

I mean she seems like the type and didn't get her eyes off him. I scoffed Cesar looked at me leaning against the wall. "I'm saving Cesar" Ruby randomly said catching on to Cesar's flirting.
I jumped out the window if they caught me leaving the house at this time Rene would murder me and Oscar would help. Specially if they knew where I was headed. " I claimed you" was the first words Cohen said when he saw me. I was flustered and angry how could he.

" listen to me don't leave I had to it was either me or Laterelle if I allowed him to do it I knew he'd do something bad to you" I couldn't believe it I was confused. "Why though how come you did it".

I needed answers now "It was either I claimed you or they kidnapped you they want to hurt Spooky and he kinda has a heart towards you like a weak spot and the prophets found out and wanted to hurt him." I grabbed his hand to assure him that I was ok with it.

" if Oscar and Rene find out they'll kill you" I said a worried look on my face. He held me by waist and reached for my chin so I looked at him. " I'll die for a good cause".  He was leaning in when my phone rang. It was Ruby he must be nervous.

" hello" I knew he was nervous I could hear it in his heavy breathing. " it's a dumb idea" I laughed Cohen looking at me strangely. " who is it" he asked I put my fingers up his lip trying to shut him up.

" wait Vicky where are you if Rene finds out you're not home.." I cut him off he's obviously rambling he always does when he's nervous. " I'm with Cohen don't worry you'll be fine I'll be right there next to you and Oscar he won't do shit just stop worrying"

"Wait Cohen what the hell Vicky that guy is a prophet" like I didn't know I hung up whispering a low goodbye. " can you drop me off close to my street" I asked Cohen. He smiled before opening the door to his car.

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