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I'm so sorry peeps I've been very neglectful but I promise that I'll be writing more.

 Walking to Ruby's house was an adventure specially because Jamal was dressed as a pimp

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Walking to Ruby's house was an adventure specially because Jamal was dressed as a pimp. Yet, I thanked god I don't wear heels because if I did my feet would be dead right now.

When we reached the Martinez house hold Jamal was the one who knocked. The door was opened by Ruby's abuelita who seemed surprised by our arrival and a bit worried.

"Hi" Jamal broke the awkward silence that was going on. However abuelita just ignored him to go back to the couch. "I'm sorry to just barge in  but we are waiting for Ruby" she laughs after I'm done talking and turns back to her novela.

"That proves you can never trust a cop not even if you're white" my eyes never leaving the interesting ass show. "Oh, my god, why are the police doing this to him? He's white" Jamal asked just as enticed with the show as I was.

"Because he's poor" we both agreed not even minding what abuelita was currently lighting up. The beautiful smell of weed filling the air. "I bet that makes your leg feel good as new abuelita" she giggled the weed must be strong because what I said wasn't even close to funny.

"Oh this is nice" I nodded Jamal was right. Abuelita blew the smoke right into our faces. I decided that I need to find some snacks for the women. Instead I was followed by Jamal who grabbed a bag of chips.

"I know you know something" abuelita said to the boy who was fumbling a bag. "I shouldn't have brought it up" I laughed knowing exactly what they were talking about. "Did he bring up rollerworld" Jamal shook his head trying to shut me up. "Ah so you do know something" the lady said loudly catching my attention.

"Every time I talk about it somebody tells me I'm stupid for believing that there could be money buried in the neighborhood" it's true no one ever believed the boy I always tried to keep his hopes up like a child's beliefs on Santa clause but it's hopeless.

The two were sharing information and since I knew nothing I was utterly confused but still listened in as we fed each other chips. "Then that's where we should start at the begging" they both looked at me then bursted out laughing I joined in while chewing on a chip that Jamal placed in my mouth.
"Ok you two I need to get going if not Rene is gonna shot up the block with Oscar I'll try to find some information about this money bussiness" they nodded and kept their conversation going as I walked out the door.

My walk home was anything but fun. I was so close to the comfort of my home when I saw Monse's house party and decided to give Ruby a piece of my mind for leaving me and Jamal behind.

Instead I saved his ass I dragged Jasmine off his small body. "My breath is fading" I laughed still carrying jasmine off. "That's what you get for leaving me and Jamal behind" instead of answering me he asked Olivia behind me a question. I threw Jasmine off and walked away. I'll let his dear Olivia save his ass instead.

I grabbed the bottle that Cesar was pouring and took a swig. "Pinche enano pendejo no ocupa mi ayuda entonces que se joda" cesar laughed and forced the bottle out of my hands.

"This wouldn't be happening if you just told him how you feel" I rolled my eyes and ignored him really take advice from the boy who hides his relationship no thank you.

"No I'm not safe" ohh see trouble in paradise not my thing. He denied the dance he was just offered omg can guys be even more retarded I need another drink. Instead I followed the cholo into our home. I ran into my room and jumped into bed. I lost Ruby to a stupid girl who doesn't even deserve him.

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