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I was ready for my first day of highschool

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I was ready for my first day of highschool. If my parents were still alive I'd probably be excited. Now I have no reason Rene doesn't care I have no one to be proud of me.

I went out to my room to see Cesar. "Are you coming with us" I looked in to his eyes I had just found out last night that he was jumped in to the gang and I couldn't believe Oscar had him jumped.  "Yes specially if you are going Rene told me to protect you" he said looking me up and down.

We saw all three of our friends waiting for us so we joined them. I walked between Jamal and Ruby while Monse and Cesar were behind us. Jamal was going crazy he's been keeping a secret surprisingly. " I need to tell you guys something."

Yet she got cut off by gun shots. ".44" we said all together not noticing the red impala making its way towards us.

"Cesar Vicky" that was our signal I had no choice but to leave my friends side. Me and Cesar made our way into the red impala. I looked at Cesar while in the car and thought I need to save him.


Ideas on how to save Cesar were being rambled on

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Ideas on how to save Cesar were being rambled on. Victoria was sitting next to Cesar trying to focus on one of us. With all the rambling you couldn't understand what either of us were saying.

" yo one at a time I'm not following" Cesar said getting irritated on our rambling. Vicky laughed ohh her angelic laugh. She was wearing such a revealing outfit.

Focus Ruby you are saving Cesar focus

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Focus Ruby you are saving Cesar focus. I raised my hand so I could be the first to explain what we were doing. " ha sorry it's excitement we've being chewing on this for the last two weeks". I worked hard on those binders and I couldn't wait to go through with the plan, " And it's finally time to move forward with the plan".

Vicky looked confused as she wasn't here when we discussed and so was Cesar. "Plan for what" they both asked at the same time. "Getting Cesar out of the gang". It seemed like Monse's words triggered Vicky a bit she seemed a bit out of it.

Cesar he laughed not taking our plan serious. "you're serious" he asked see what I told you he doesn't take our plan serious. We nodded to assure we were serious.

" you guys are being naive once you get jumped in you can't be jumped out" Cesar kept rambling. Vicky joined in " you guys want to get Cesar killed the only way out is death there no other option". She seemed angry she's never been angry at us.

"Death isn't the only option Ruby" that was my cue to show off my well coordinated binders.

" getting a lot of cash isn't outside the realm of possibility" here he goes again rollerworld. Vicky smiled somehow she always admired Jamal's stupid dream of finding the hidden money.

"What are you talking about?" Cesar was utterly confused on what Jamal kept going on about. "Rollerworld" we all said knowing that Jamal has an obsession with it.

"It's real" he kept going on and on explaining to Cesar. " in the 80s" I said tired of his impossible dream.

" we are brown only white kids find treasure" Monse said completely interrrupting Jamal. Vicky snicker " she has a point you know".

Abuelita kept digging through a box. " what you looking for" I finally asked her curious as to what she was doing. " looking for baby Jesus he's missing the special one blessed by the bishop." The baby that Jamal was randomly just holding. " Jamal" Vicky said in a singy songy voice. He looked confused so " Dude you're holding it".
"so who's gonna do it" Monse was not gonna drop. We were walking through the halls Vicky in back of me. Guys were eying her and it didn't feel right so I held her hand and she catches up to us.

"Not Jamal" we all said even him making Vicky laugh so loud. I loved when she laughed it so cute. "I'll do it" volunteered Monse. Jamal and Vicky both knew that wasn't a good idea

"You're mouth is gonna get us killed" me and Vicky agreed with Jamal. "Yeah Monse is a total no go and Vicky doesn't agree with what we are doing so that leaves me".

Oh no that leaves me to talk to Oscar someone who can dig up my own grave. He could possible kill me for telling him what he's doing is wrong. " but it can't be me" they just ignored my comment.

" it's you" Jamal said not caring that he could possibly lose his best friend to a ruthless cholo. "Said it can't be me" Monse said making me regret what I said earlier.

" I think this is up for discussion I mean for starters I'm small there's nothing about me that is remotely intimidating and actually in numerous occasions I've been told that just looking at me makes people laugh" I kept rambling for no reason they weren't even listening but I kept going.


"Ruby if you're so scared of Oscar why don't you ask Vicky to go with you" she was sitting on the edge of the bench on her phone.

"You'd not only get the job done but spend some quality time with that chica caliente" Jamal said still trying to convince me to talk to Oscar. I mean I never thought about it but I did have some feeling for Victoria. Yet, they're impossible a girl like her would never go for a guy like me. Her and Cesar are meant to be.

" hey guys so who talking to Oscar" asked Vicky does shorts hugged her bottom so nicely I was dying. " Ruby and you are going I mean if you're fine with that" said Jamal not even asking me if I was ok with it.

" Give me a big bag of hot Cheetos with a cold sprite and I'll do anything" she said smiling. Omg I was so relieved. Oscar has somewhat of a heart when it comes to Vicky. If she was there he won't kill me possibly.

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