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"Throw me that box see if that one is the one" Jamal has gone bonkers. He insist that the money is in one of the these boxes but I know for sure that no one would be dumb enough to leave them in such findable place.

"Come on boo. You know I love you those other boxes didn't mean a thing you are the real deal" the box that I just handed to him was filled with dirt and now some of Jamal's saliva. I don't know if I was disgusted at how he's kissing a dirty object or disturbed that he's kissing an object oh well.

"Am I interrupting something" Monse walked in after hours of us trying to contact her. "Well Jamal has been talking to in adamant objects all day by the time you meet Juanita you'll either get used to it or send him to a crazy house your choice really" Monse looked at me as if I was the one going bonkers. You know what after hours of no sleep Jamal and I might just need a nap.

"This is what Ricky left Chivo" Jamal's dirt filled hands handed Monse a piece of useless paper. With a stupid kids riddle on it. "We've been searching all night and nothing" Jamal has gone hysterical on Monse I rather it be her than me. Should I disappear and grab myself four gallons of coffee.

"Still nothing and there are still dozens of boxes to go" Jamal answering for me. I can't leave him like this he needs my help. The first box Monse got her hands on held something me and Jamal have been searching for since midnight. We looked at each then at Monse "we hate you". She smiled mischievously at us before reading the numbers out loud.

"What are you guys doing this is trespassing" Ruby came out of no where with more make up on his face then me and Monse put together. I laughed not being able to hold in I mean he looked really good I don't no whether to hype him up or be envious of him. "Is there anything you want to tell us?" Jamal asked the short boy while try to quiet me down.

"About what" did he really just, I'm dead. "That whole thing" Monse pointed out the big drag queen in the room. "I mean Ruby come on how can you forget you looking better than James Charles out here" Jamal laughed high fiving me and Ruby rolling his eyes.

"I was helping Olivia with a makeup test for her quince when Jamal 911ed" said the petite boy. "I can't believe I'm saying this but your beautiful" I nodded agreeing with the tall skinny boy until my eyes met Ruby's. My eyes going back to my beat up shoes ignoring the fact of how awkward it became between us.

"Well since they're here I got to dip Rene calls says if I ain't home he sending out his cholos to find me so I have to go bye" the three knew the reason I didn't want to be there I was because of my feeling for the short boy.
A knock was heard at my window. My first reaction was to get the blade at the bottom of my bed. When I pulled back the curtain the curly haired Ruben was standing there with fright in his eyes. "What are you doing here don't you see it's late at night my Brother and Oscar will kill you if they see you here" he grabbed my chin and pulled me in kissing me.

Yet, I pulled away I couldn't fall for him again if I'm the end he's not gonna be there to catch me because he's to busy waiting to catch Olivia.

"What's is wrong with you one minute your kissing me making me feel special and the other you're looking at Olivia like she's the one, I need you to decide is it me or her Ruby but I can't keep waiting here for you to just going to end up leaving" the boy met my eyes. We looked at eachother long and hard his hand still holding my chin.

"I care for you a lot Vicky but I don't know who I'm supposed to choose" his touch slipped away as he said what he said and he walked away disappearing into the night. My eyes stinging, anger and sadness washing me over.

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