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I was sitting on the couch in front of the house waiting for Ruby

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I was sitting on the couch in front of the house waiting for Ruby. Cesar walked out having an argument with Monse and left with Olivia. I don't know what's happened to Cesar but he better get his feeling checked before he fucks up what he has with Monse.

Ruby walked in and I walked behind him. He did a small prayer before walking inside. I could hear him panting, breathing so hard. He looked around our messy back yard. I've never been allowed out I mean it's not like I want to.

"Acid, I can't I can't" He was walking out panting still I didn't try to stop him. If he didn't talk to Oscar then I would. Oscar walked out looking at me then turned to see the short boy leaving.

"Sup foo" Oscar made him stop just by saying two words. He turned back slowly looking at the ex convict that I sadly live with.

Ruby ran back and I sat down on the stupid buckets Oscar turned upside down. You could see the fear on Ruby's face. Oscar's mean stare didn't help much.

"We're here to talk to you" I said trying to break the silence. Oscar nodded probably already knowing cause Cesar told him.

Oscar got close to Ruby I wasn't sure if he was trying to intimidate him but Ruby sure was intimidated. "What's with the glitter" the cholo asked the poor sweaty boy.

"Late night at the club" I slightly giggled at the boys comment. " you know how hynas be" Oscar didn't stop himself either he laughed along with me. The fear never leaving Ruby's face.

"I feel you homie sometimes Vicky wears that shit and rubs all on me can't get that crap off for days"Ruby just stared "women". I was clear to object. "Shut up it was probably one of your hoes I never wear that shit". Oscar just laughed knowing it would piss me off.

"Smoke" he offered Ruby a cigarette I scoffed. "Trying to quit" I scrunched my face that boy is one heck of a liar. "What you want to chop it up about" Oscar said getting right to the point.

Ruby was goin on and on about how perfect Cesar is and how greatly Oscar raised him. I just zoned out I mean I was just here to support Ruby I wasn't meant to say nothing.

"Hawks can suck a dick" Oscar said loudly. I was used to it I mean he always screamed but I brought me back. Ruby on the other hand freaked out. "Exactly" He said pretty much as a question.

"You're feeling me spook..spooky." It didn't feel right. Why was Oscar being so lenient? I was confused this is Oscar the man who doesn't listen to anyone.

"You know I will take that smoke" oh no Ruby thinks he's the shit now watch out Freerigde. The boys both got a cigarette Oscar was lighting his. "It's time to give Cesar his wings".

Ruby copied what Oscar was doing. He inhaled the smoke and ended up coughing like crazy. I grabbed the cigarette off of Ruby. "We have to go nice talk bye Oscar".

I grabbed Ruby's hand and walked fast but I guess not fast enough. "Ruby leave you Vicky need to stay". Ruby left as fast as he could I sat down once again. " I heard a little something that wasn't very pleasing to hear" I begged this wasn't about Cohen.

"I heard that a prophet has claimed you" I kept my eyes on the ground. If i looked into his eyes he could read me like a book. He put the cigarette back in his mouth.

"You wouldn't mind if I payed the boy a visit would you". I couldn't let that happened Cohen was just a boy he can't just die for this. I looked into Oscar I couldn't believe the lie I was about to feed him. " I love him you can't kill him" If looks could kill I'd be dead.

(A/n): sorry it's so short ahhh I've been busy with studying for finales and I have so much homework. I have to deal with my ex being an ass. I have so many shit going on and I'm so sorry. But I really hope you guys enjoy this little chapter I promise I'll write more. Also I have a new story called Gringa I haven't written much but I really would love if you guys checked it out.

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