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" 5 minutos mas Ruby" I walked in to see ruby wearing a pink ruffly dress

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" 5 minutos mas Ruby" I walked in to see ruby wearing a pink ruffly dress. I laughed looking right at the handsome boy in a dress. "That's totally not you're color." He blushed obviously not wanting me to see him in a dress.

" what are you doing here? Woah you look good I mean that's besides the point." I laughed at his cute little rambling. "We promised to meet Monse and were kinda late Princesa Ruby."

"What's going on" Monse walked right into the door. "I think it's pretty obvious" I couldn't hold back my laugh. I kept taking pictures of him while he had a conversation about what Cesar said with Monse.

" We need to go back inside" I can't I'm dying the boy covered him self trying to hide. "I think you look fine totally not to extra" I said touching the ruffles of his dress. He angrily looked at me while I smiled nicely.

"What did Cesar exactly say and how did he say it I need context tone I need to know" I can't believe she hasn't beat the shit out of Cesar yet. "You know what I know" I nodded along agreeing with Ruby he didn't know much. 

I went inside I promised Cesar I wouldn't say anything. I saw abuelita inside watching one of her novelas waiting for Ruby to come back.

" ah you are Ruby's novia" I laughed blushing so much you could see the red on my brown cheeks. " no Ruby he'd never date me I'm just his friend." She raised her eyebrow and didn't say much after that.

" She's going to Cesar's" I knew that wasn't for just a nice talk she'd finally was going to beat his ass.
" wow first time you early" I rolled my at Rene's comment he's so annoying. I searched everywhere for the curly haired girl but she was no where to be seen.

" you little bitch" she pushed Cesar of his skateboard I was to late to stop her. She was down beating the shit out of Cesar. "must be a freak on all four" I slapped the shit out of that Santo.

Rene grabbed me by my waist  "Pendejo better respect your fucken woman before I knock you're head out". Rene dragged me far away from the guy I just had slapped. "Manito you better back up before you get smacked up" Oscar joked. "Shut up puto",Monse said while still beating Cesar. Ruby and Jamal came in to get Monse off of Cesar. 

"Tell you sister to learn to respect men" the guy I slapped was telling Rene mocking me. "if she's gonna run with the Santos she's got to respect them". I couldn't believe this Oscar was agreeing with this dumbass.

" fuck you and you're stupid little cholos" I said getting close to his face. "Matter fact fuck all you". I've had it by now I pointed at Rene, "specially fuck you". I ran back inside my house ignoring all the stupid man on the yard.
"Hey how you holding up" I saw Cesar at my door way. I was getting ready to go to Ruben's house. " I'm fine I'm just tired of Santos bullshit they get on my nerves". I've honestly tired of putting up with their rules and sexual comments.

" yeah I know I wish I could just hang out with you guys". I nodded I knew this was bound to happen it's in his blood but why so soon. " you should start by fixing the mess you made". I tied my shoes and walked out the house as fast as could. " what are you wearing" Rene and Oscar said at the same time.

"Clothes I have to wear them because if I don't I go to jail" I said slowly pronouncing every word carefully. Oscar got up from his seat closer to me. " Vicky don't act smart the prophets have been try to claim you please go change" I rolled my eyes and left out of the house.

I walked all the way to the Martinez house. On the other side of Ruby's house I saw Monse with Jasmine. Jamal explained to me how she was angry at us.

"What's in the bag" I asked looking directly at Ruby. "Forties.." "Gatorade" Ruby angrily looked at Jamal and smacked him for ruining his lie. I laughed at the silly boys that I called my friends.

I sat next to Ruby looking at Monse and Jasmine. "All we were trying to do was be good friends and know we aren't friends" said the boy with a beautiful jaw.

" Yo bitches be bonkers" I faked coughed while angrily staring at Jamal. " No offense Vicky" I rolled my eyes at them. Jasmine was randomly dancing and I couldn't help but smile.

"No we looking hard this is how you pull in the honeys" I scoffed yeah drinking gatorades out of bags was going to make girls fall for them. "no we pull in the honeys by finding the roller world money this isn't even real."

Everyone was tried of Jamal's crazy fantasy of finding rolled world money. I admired the way he never gave up on it he kept dreaming even if everyone told him it wasn't possible to find the money.

" you know what's not real ROLLERWOLD their is no money buried in our neighborhood." There they go again fight over this.

Monse approached the Martinez household stoping at the gate. "Hey" was the first words she spoke after our fight. "Hey" we answer back together. " so I'm cool if you're cool" we all looked at each other not giving Monse a response " I'm cool" I said we all decided to stop being petty and be cool.

" What's in the sacks" the Afro Latina asked us. "Forties" "Gatorade". Once again Jamal failed Ruby and I couldn't help but laugh. " See you tomorrow" we waved at her while she walked away.

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