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"Why in your right mind would you say that pendejo"  I screamed at the top of my lungs

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"Why in your right mind would you say that pendejo" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I just got Jamal to tell me what Cesar said about
Monse and I'm not so happy about it.

"Damn mami bring that ass over" one of the many santos yelled at me. I rolled my eyes while still staring at Cesar waiting for a respond.

"No vas a contestar now you're not only an asshole you're also deaf" Oscar and Rene came out the house to hear me screaming and pushing Cesar.

"Vicky parale now". Oscar always acted as he was another brother. He knew how to control my anger. Ever since diapers him and Rene were compas. So, I grew up with spooky being around the house. Him and Ceasar helped me and Rene after our parents death.

Yet I was angry and not even Spooky was gonna stop me. " no wonder you're back that's why Cesar is acting like a stuck up ass just like you" before Oscar could react Rene picked me up and brought me inside the house

" you know why he said it now leave the poor boy alone Tori no entiendes now esta es su vida and never speak to Spooky like that  te queries morir " I hated all these boys that I called my brothers at the moment how could I allow this.

I don't like talking to my brother ever since he joined the santos. I don't have conversations with him.  I nod or say small phrases like I need a ride. Instead of fighting back I ran out of the house all the way to the Martinez house. I was so riled up but a certain boy would change that.
"I'm back" ohh no Monse is here. I acted cool not trying to give anything out. "Cute top it looks nice on you" she smiled then looked at the boys. " can you move that side table" ruby told Monse acting as if she's always been here.

Which she seemed to notice " no seriously don't make such a fuss I've only been gone all summer but really is no big deal" I nudge ruby on my way to lay on his bed which smelt like him.

"Notice anything new" said Monse showing off her pearly whites all straightened up. Yet, the other two didn't seem to notice. "You got boobs but not as big as Victoria ass". I got up and hit Ruby in the head acting as I didn't just enjoyed what he said.

"She obviously got her braces off you two pendejos" I yelled at the horny fourteen year olds. " you can wait for Cesar to help" said the curly haired girl while covering her chest.

"Umm he's not coming" while laying my head on a pillow. "Why where's Cesar" ohh if only she knew. "We are not talking to him" I nodded analyzing ruby. He's so cute and his curly hair is so beautiful. Oh no I don't like him that's not possible.
"What happened with Cesar" Monse kept trying to get us to tell her. Ruby handed me one of his hoodies. " you can't possible go out like that in the hood" I grabbed it and decided I wouldn't give it back.

I put on the hoodie as fast as I could noticing a couple of prophets tagging a wall. Jasmine came out of nowhere " yo you guys going to orientation". I never saw why they hated her so much I found her funny and she always made me laugh.

Ruby held onto my arm making me catch up to them knowing I'd probably stop to chat with Jasmine. Jasmine was just explaining that she had asthma when Monse decided to ignore her. " sorry Jasmine we are having a private convo"
"Ohh I'm sorry its just you tend to make us talk to Jasmine and we need to get to orientation" Ruby had just notice that he held onto my arm for a really long time and awkwardly let go of my arm " it's fine I just don't understand why you guys hate Jasmine "

"so he said something" Jamal can't keep secrets and he has just gave Monse a Cesar clue. "Jamal do you need a mussel" I snickered at Ruby's comment. " no offense but you're a lose cannon" Ruby explained to her while I stayed quiet trying not to tell her.

"Ruby you're squishing me" he akwardly moved far from me give me some personal space.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to I was just afraid you know what those santos are capable of no offense to Rene he's actually one.." I laughed "I enjoyed when you  stick by me especially seeing you scared it makes me feel protective" I cut him off both of us blushing at my comment. I was glad to see that Rene wasn't there jumping that poor man.

"We can't tell you what Cesar said" the familiar red impala of Oscar was driving by I knew Monse would want to ask Cesar herself. " we are trying to protect you" she rolled her eyes before saying " Fine then I'll ask him myself".

"Ay you crazy" Oscar peeked his head out looking at me for a while then facing Monse who had walked to his side. I walked to car seeing Rene in the back seat. " I just wanted to let Cesar know I was back in town" I mad dogged Cesar while he just ignored my mean stare.

"You looking like a fine ass hyna" I couldn't believe what this man had just said to my friend " an underaged hyna" I stared with anger hinted at it.

"Not for some" Rene saw my look and decided to calm me down. " tori I think you should leave before you do something you regret" I walked to Ruby's side leaning my head on his shoulder hoping to calm down. I was surprised that he reached for my hand and allowed me to stay like that.

"Vicky get in the car" Oscar said after ending his conversation with Monse. I gave Jamal a hug and same to Ruby  but without thinking I gave him a kiss in his cheek and then got in the back seat with Rene.
"Listen Vicky you're affiliated with the santos and you got to be careful" once we got back to the house. Oscar and Rene have been going off on me.

"You can just walk out this house wearing that you're lucky you little boyfriend gave you his hoodie" Oscar smirked knowing this would piss me yet I just rolled my eyes.

" Tori you need to start thinking you could possible get shot the santos have enemies you need to walk around safe" I was so angry at this point.

"I didn't ask to get affiliated your the one that made the decision for me if It would have been my decision I would have ran far way from the Santos these people are the reason our parents are dead" I couldn't hold back any longer i kept this is long enough.

" you want to keep me safe yet you're the one hurting me Rene this isn't fair your my brother you should keep me out of pain not hurt me even more. You weren't even there for me for our mother's funeral why because you were busy getting jumped in. When I was hungry I had to have the Martinez to feed me cause you were out doing god knows what".

I ran out the house before he could see me cry but it was to late all three of the boys saw me. I saw the guilt written in their faces. Rene had the guts to say " I'm not in it to hurt you I'm in it to protect you cause te amo".

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