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We were both back to acting like our lips weren't meant to eachother

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We were both back to acting like our lips weren't meant to eachother. Back to ignoring the fact that in each other's arms we feel safe. Back to both being madly in love for eachother in secret.

"Where did you and Ruby run off to" Monse whispered rolling her eyes every time Cesar would sneak a peak at her. " I needed sometime away from the world Ruby followed we had an awesome time but it's like we got sucked right back into reality and the cruelness of it" my eyes closing slowly to hide back a few tears. Monse is stubborn but she knows that when I'm sad she better back off.

Monse and I were waiting for Olivia supposedly they had something to parlor about. Monses words not mine I barely Can speak my first language which is Spanish imagine how I speak English. Yet, the skinny girl was not alone besides her sides were Oscar and Cesar their eyes scanning my face looking for an emotion.

"What's going on?" Ask the stubborn curly headed girl next to me laced with the attitude she loved giving to people. Olivia being possibly drop on her head to many times didn't understand what her question was about. "You said we would talk" the airhead beauty spoke her wisdom note my sarcasm.

"Privately" Olivia eyed me as in saying what about her. Monse rolled her eyes ready to defended me. "As in sans the santo" nodding her head towards the cheater sorry I meant Cesar. "It's cool you all do your girl thing I'm gonna bounce" he said spicing it with about of his attitude.

I felt stuck in the wrong place and let's say it was awfully awkward. "We should get going before we miss seeing Jamal I'm the game" not only do I love my Jamal but it's always him that helps me get out of these awkward situations.  "Jamal?" All three exclaimed in surprise.
During the watching of Jamal's game if you call sitting in bench a game Cesar decided to question me about my escapee. "Where did you and Ruben run of too" a hint of anger running through his voice. "Cesar I needed to run away you have to understand you've been there too" my voice cracking at the end. Cesar nodes embracing me with a soft hug.

"So petty" Ruben said rolling his eyes at us looking at us in disgust. Cesar moved closer to him angrily asking "what's petty". "Oh so now you're talking to me" I hate the fact that he's still angry at the kiss. The anger making me zone out remembering my first kiss with Cohen. It was rushed his lips desperately kissed mine. The way he always joked about everything even when his world was crumpling  into pieces.

The time he sneaked me out the house and we ran for hours until we saw a gas station were he bought us a bag full of junk. We ate everything in that bag while looking at the stars. The stars that was what we both loved looking at. That was what we both saw together one last time.

"Basta están actuando como un groupo the niños si alguien dice otra cosa les voy a pegar en la boca todas atrás de los graderíos ahora" tears running down my eyes mascara smudged under my eye. I must have looked like I was insane but they all obeyed and that's what I wanted.
Spying should be a bad thing but not when you do it unintentionally. I was just at the Martinez house to obtain my belongings when I hear Ruby and Olivia taking in the living room.

"Are you good? Are we good" silence was heard all through the house. "I never wanted to hurt" I scoffed she must be stupid not to see that she has my world in her hands. "You're not" the handsome Latino answered her clearly. "You sure?" Olivia asked causing him to stop the tv to answer her question.

My ears perked up in order to fully hear what he was going to say. "You see there's something called the long game and that's what I'm playing. So fly along baby girl you know test the waters. Enjoy your cesar salad and I mean that. Because nothing is gonna taste as good as this Ruben and you may not know it yet but I'm gonna be the love of your life".

that's why my mother told me not spy you might hear something you knew was true but you worked so hard to hide. I jumped out the kitchen window and slowly walked home with Rubens words playing in my head.

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