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(A/n: the gif below was my mood the whole freaking episode also I had a question would you guys like me to put translation at the end of the Spanish parts? Just wondering for the non Spanish speaking folks by the way this chapter sucks I have horrible writers block but I promise to publish so here I am)

(A/n: the gif below was my mood the whole freaking episode also I had a question would you guys like me to put translation at the end of the Spanish parts? Just wondering for the non Spanish speaking folks by the way this chapter sucks I have horr...

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"Hey I'm gonna bounce" Cesar said sounding a bit tired and he seemed like he needed some alone time so a I didn't budge. "Later" we said together turning back to our jackpot. A mountain of candy was laid on top of Ruby's table and I was making my mind up if I should eat a chocolate first or get something more sour.

Jamal was trying to balance a pack of sweetarts on his lips and i was trying to find a way to help him. "Here what if we place them like this" he chuckled and I just kept struggling. Finally he got it after a couple falls. We high fived each other like it was the biggest accomplishment of our lives.

If it weren't for my great eyesight I wouldn't have noticed Olivia had just walked outside. She looked a bit upset and I wondered if I should go outside or just leave her to sort tings out on her own.

I opted for the first option not sure if it was cause I was up for some gossip you know some spilt tea or just feeling like being a shoulder to cry on.

As soon as I opened the door I saw the girl who Ruby loved locking lips with Cesar. I immediately jumped back in to the house trying to figure out if what I saw was real. "Are you ok you seem a little awkward and that's kinda my thing" a very worried Jamal asked with mouth filled with candy. "I'm not sure I should just get home".
"Well you look muerto que te pasa" cesar rolled his eyes obviously cranky that he got no sleep. He ignored my comment and I decided to not deal with his attitude. Yet, me and Jamal are obviously best friends for a reason.

"You looked fried" I laughed placing my arm on the lanky boy's shoulder and explained to him that I thought the same thing. Cesar looked at us with his eyebrows scrunched in anger or confusion maybe. "I couldn't sleep last night" I scoffed I hoped it was guilt that kept him up mentiroso de mierda.

"I'd seriously consider Tempur-pedic pillows changed my life" I chuckled we begged Oscar to get us queen sized beds instead of our old bunk beds. We would have to sacrifice one of us for those pillows.

"Or are we talking non-pillow issues?" Asked the boy genuinely concerned about his friend when he shouldn't because he's a back stabber. "Just some shit is nothing" I rolled my eyes are men just made to be good liars is it like a requirement. "Is it drugs? You slinging?you stole a car?held up a liquor store? A corner store? A drug store?" I rolled my eyes why won't he just cut to the chase. Cesar began to get annoyed but not more than I was at him.

"Home invasion? Assault? Assault with a deadly weapon? Oh my god they made you kill someone didn't they?" Jamal was getting really loud. Everyone turned to look at the three of us while Cesar and I settled Jamal down.

"I didn't kill anyone" not yet but as soon as the rest of the fam finds out we are all as good as dead. "Well at least not with his hands" I mumbled but still caught their attention but shrugged it away. "I kissed Olivia" I sighed while Jamal freaked out.

"What you kissed Olivia" Jamal yelled at the top of his lungs. "I just hoped I saw wrong but no you had to lock lips with the new girl" Cesar looked down at his feet in shame. "Wait you knew" Jamal asked as I nodded. "As I tried to be a good friend I saw Cesar playing tonsil hockey with Olivia" putting a emphasis on good friend.

"Why would you guys tell me that you know I can't keep a secret" I pulled his eyepatch trying to make a point as he quickly pulled back on. "I call bullshit you've kept the football secret for months now" I pushed Cesar back he was right but I didn't agree.

"Ok he's gonna keep quiet but only for you to come clean to Ruby and Monse you have nine hours" he looked away like a child getting a lecture. "Did you understand or did Olivia steal you're ability to think with that kiss" Cesar nodded still not making eye contact. "Well you need to keep Jamal quiet while I go to class adios" I hugged Jamal and slapped Cesar in the head before making my way to class.
I made my way into the Martinez housebound to see Ruby and Jamal arguing. "You're in deep deeper than I thought" I kept quiet obviously noticing that they were talking about a certain girl who Ruby just occasionally fell for.

"I am I'm drowning I don't know what to do" I sat next to the short boy and played with his hair trying to calm him down.  No matter how many times he breaks my heart I'll come running back to him. "Do you know anything that can help me oliviate —Aggh i mean alleviate this obsession?" Jamal look worried so I pointed to the kitchen not wanting him to spill the beans.

"Why don't you try non oliva things like going biking with me and Jamal? Or maybe we can drink Gatorades in a bag again outside your porche to attract some new honeys" he chuckled holding onto my wrist. "You just need to stop waisting your time on girls who don't deserve you" I looked into his soft brown eyes I felt our bodies lean in his hands holding mine.

All ruined by the one and only Oscar Diaz who scared the life out of Jamal who closed the door on his face. "Someone shot one of the homies" Jasmine held onto Ruby as he pushed away from her. "Have any of you seen Cesar? He hasn't been answering his phone" I shrugged I haven't seen him since school and I'm glad cause I can't tolerate to see his lying ass face. 

"His phone ain't working not that anyone broke it or anything it just died of natural causes" I snickered as I grabbed onto Jamal trying to ease his fears. "If anyone of us sees. Mhim I'll give you a call" the cholo nodded before running off.

"I'm still going I just wanted to give Oscar some lead time" I walked back to couch settling in the love seat with Ruby getting comfy next to me. Before Jamal could even step outside Oscar came running in. Making Ruby scream falling on my lap as I grabbed on his waist hiding my face on his back.

"This is L.A.P.D this block is on lock down for your safety remain inside until further advised" I let go of Ruby noticing they were just scared  of Oscar who I was used to. Ruby just laid on my lap shaking like a chihuahua Jamal hid behind me with Jasmine holding onto each other staring at an angry Oscar. I rolled my eyes and played with Ruby's curls to calm him down.

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