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The Latino gangbanger has completed his mission or at least that's what people thought so. Currently Cesar was in a room get his hair shaved off while Vicky was applying make up to her tan face. She replayed scenes of her and Ruby not know if actually attending this quince was a smart move. 

"Can you help me" the now bald headed santo asked to short brunette girl for help. She sighed but proceeded to help him with his tie. It wasn't his fault she was having an internal conflict. "It will be alright nothing bad is gonna happen it's a party" the boy reassured her but it seem more of question than a statement.

The drive to the church Vicky's emotions were all over the place. She wasn't sure if she was stable to see Ruby but she put on her red dress and walked out there flaunting the only confidence and happiness she had left.

"She needs to know he's not coming" seeming more worried for herself than for Olivia or at least that's what Vicky thought so. "But he's already here and guess who I brought along give some of those" the santo eagerly grabbed a hold of some of the pamphlets while the girl he made tag along stole side glances at Ruby.

Only if she knew that he was a mesmerized at how gorgeous she looked. He was so shocked at her beauty he didn't even realize he stopped breathing.
"Mija te ves espectacular" Ruby mom complimented Vicky and Ruby couldn't agree more with his mother. The girl was rocking her dress. Yet, he didn't notice how Vicky was the only thing in his mind no Olivia.

"Muchas gracias señora Martínez" she smiled nervously not knowing how to accept compliments. The boy also didn't notice that he cares for Olivia and yes he liked her but Victoria was the one she held his heart and loved her.

"La fiesta está muy.." a sick looking jasmine found her way to Victoria. "Here let me help you home" the girl laid jasmine's arm on her shoulder and dragged her to her home. "We are her.." Jasmine's Ill looking finger slid onto Vicky's red painted ones as the sick girl shushed her down.

"Go back in their and get your mans honey Ruby loves you don't let that skinny puta take him ohh and here give Olivia this gift and tell her I love yeah goodnight" the ill girl kissed Vicky's forehead and went inside her home leaving a confused girl out in her porch.


"Ruby Ruben we need too..." the short boys lips were attached to who he truly loved and the tanned Latina knew exactly what she need to do. She needed to run away and forget those beautiful brown eyes she learned to love.

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