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"Be back home early I don't want to see you running around with no man entendido" , Rene my older brother said with his eyebrows perked up

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"Be back home early I don't want to see you running around with no man entendido" , Rene my older brother said with his eyebrows perked up. Giving this sense of authority. I mean it's only me and him. Yet, he's not my father.

I nodded and tried to get off the car and into the party as fast as I could but Rene held me back at the entrance. "Stick to Cesar he'll protect you." Rene walked away to his little group filled with santos;his pandilla.

It angered me that he threw away his life to become a cholo. Yet, I couldn't change him he didn't allow me to talk about it. Indulged in my thoughts I didn't see where I was going and smacked right into Cesar.

"Cesar what you got there" I asked the boy who had a just elbowed my ribs. " I got some cold beers want one." I nodded and got ahold of the funky smelling drink popped it right open. I followed Cesar through the crowd of sweaty teens. Ignoring any catcalling and taking a few sips of the awful tasting beverage.

I saw three familiar looking teens looking over a concrete wall. "When has Cesar ever disappointed?" Monse the Afro Latina asked the two boys.  "Mm fourth grade kickball Torney, we lost" answered my favorite of the group. Jamal Turner the skinny boy who can't keep a secret to save his life. "Only cause I picked the kid with no skills And I'd pick you again" Cesar answered, while throwing a beer at the boy who had trouble catching it.

I laughed while watching the poor boy struggle. "Loyalty triumphs victory compa" Cesar said handing the other two the cold beverage.
"Take it in this is about to be us this is highschool" I said to my fellow friends. We all took a drink of the beer and I couldn't wait to see the look on their faces.

We all saw Mario and Angelica making out I mean who wouldn't and I gained confidence to finally acknowledge Ruby. "Ruby you think your brother is gonna marry Angelica?" The two still making out like there's no tomorrow. "No idea Mario tells me jack".

Jamal laugh and told that story about the time Mario said Angelica had a dangler. Yet I didn't pay much attention noticing my brother. If he saw a beer at my hand he probably lock me up in the house we don't want that so I hid behind the cement wall.

"Check out Huerita nine o'clock" all staring at sad eye's new girl. My brother was telling me about her a total puta. I mean I don't mind when Ruby hits on other girls it's not like he's my boyfriend. Ok I totally mind I just wish he'd acknowledge me.Still in my thoughts I totally ignored Jamal again. Poor Jamal he feels pressured to play football.

"Guys check out my game Huerita just gave me the nod." What did I tell you typical puta. I chugged my beer," I wouldn't be so proud of that if I were you Rene tells me she's a total puta."  Ruby completely ignored what I said so I insisted. " also be careful her man belongs to the santos."

Yet I was to late. Sad eyes held on to Ruby's neck angrily. Poor boy was getting choked by a cholo. "Are you eying my girl cabron!" To save his life the little Ruby begged " no god no I'm not into blondes." However both me and Cesar knew that wasn't going to work

" easy he does you moms taxes" yet sad eyes still held tightly onto Ruby's neck. "Mrs. Guzman right" I added hoping my friend wouldn't die. I was getting tired of this cholo holding on to Ruby. So I interrupted Ruby's rambling " Plus I wouldn't be going off on him instead you should check your slutty ass hyna."  Cesar put me behind him knowing what I just said would anger the cholo.

" yo what are you doing ese that spooky's lil bro and Rene's bomb lil sister dawg." I was glad I was behind Cesar if not I would have knocked both of them out.

He finally let go of Ruby and me being lost in love ran to him to check if he was alright. " I didn't realize it was you two tell Spooky and Rene sad eyes sends respect." I scoffed as I held onto Ruby while Cesar just nodded.

"Thank god for your brothers" I laughed while Cesar disagreed. " thank god for better things."

The party was ruined by gunshots and everyone was running to save their soul. I was used to it I grew up with it. Yet, I ran behind the group of teens I called my family. "That's was a .38" monse stated while Jamal disagreed. "It sounded like a .44" me and Ruby said at the same time.

One more loud gun shot was heard Cesar reached out to hold my hand as I ran behind the three so I could catch up. Well all together realized it was a .357.

"Are you alright" asked the Latino with a troubled past just like mine. "Yeah I'm used to it now." Ever since my mother's death I was afraid of gun shots. When I met Cesar he helped me through it.

We walked into the Martinez household that reminded me of what my house would have looked like if my parents hadn't passed. We were all looking out the window seeing the great argument Mario and Angelica were having. Except Cesar who was having a conversation with Monse. Those two definitely will catch feelings for each other.

We watched Mario walk his way up to the house we sat on the couch as fast as we could.
The sad boy made me feel pity for him but if he actually love Angelica he would fight for her.
"Look it you on the verge of highschool ohh all the excitement." What is so exciting I'm still going to be stuck here in Freeridge. I ignore Mario's little speech knowing that highschool isn't all good.

"Want me to drop some knowledge" Mario said while we all said no he kept talking. " But you still have to go hard" I rolled my eyes why would we be taking advice from a depressed drunk. "I just don't want to die" Jamal spoke while I laid my head on his boney shoulder.
"work hard put you heart out there even if it broken by some bitch you know since Mr. Estradaz 7th grade social studies."

See what I mean he's heart broken he doesn't mean all this. "You guys need to stick together to survive." When I finally thought Mario was being kind he bragged about going to college and made Ruby kiss his class ring. As soon as he left " he's gone bonkers I tell you." We whispered all to each other about the little speech Mario had just enticed us with.

"one last thing don't bone Monse or Vicky" we died of laughter I mean who would in their right mind do that.

" I have to go Rene is going to be super pissed if I go any later" I said to my group of friends. " I'll walk you" said Cesar whispering something to Monse before we left.

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