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I couldn't find any pictures of jazmin in a costume so instead the picture above is Vicky's costume with her brother.

Ever since me and Rene have been kids our mom would dress us up together for Halloween

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Ever since me and Rene have been kids our mom would dress us up together for Halloween. When I was five mom dressed me up as a mermaid and Rene was a pirate.

This year I thought the tradition was going to find its end but I was wrong. "I saw your princess Jasmine costume" he broke the silence that was making me uncomfortable. "I have no time for your lecture si me vas a regañar es muy tarde ya lo compré".

He rolled his eyes and took out a box from behind him. "Open it" I was fast to see what he had gave me hoping it wasn't a dumb prank. Inside was an Aladdin costume my eyes were quick to swell up. I wrapped my arms around him even though we fight I loved him.

"Thank thank you I love you so much" he kissed my forehead. "I know go on get ready we have to take a picture to add it to moms photo album" I ran super excited that for once we weren't fighting.
"Fuck that Halloween shit ese" the cholos outside were quick to make fun of my brother and Cesar for there costume. "at least they don't wear there costume all year round like you fools" Oscar laughing stopped as soon as he saw what I was wearing. All the Santos had there eyes on me.

"Hey vayan a ver a sus hynas pendejos" they were quick to look away when they heard
Óscar and I knew a lecture was on my way. "Cesar don't let her out of your sight ok" he sat back down and me and Cesar left before Oscar changed his mind. 

"Are Oscar and Rene ok they seem different" Cesar laughed as held onto the bed sheet he wrapped around his body. "They know this is your favorite holiday they didn't want to ruin it" I nodded walking close to Cesar as we walked past a group of men.
"Shut-in" Cesar walked into the Martinez house as his obnoxious self. "Shut up Julius Cesar before I call Brutus on you" he playful pushed me. " Jasmine has always been my least favorite princess now I see why" I sarcastically laughed as I pushed him away to sit on the couch. Jamal and Ruby attentively looking at me.

"But I thought you were with Oscar" Cesar laughed turning the short boy around. "Good to see you too by the way Ruby my eyes are here not at Tori's breast" I flipped him off and pulled my tiny shirt up.

Ruby sat at the love seat grabbed a pillow and placed it in his lap. Olivia came out wearing  a basic ass cowgirl outfit like we get it your from Texas can you be more obvious.

"So when are we going out" she asked completely oblivious that we live in a dangerous block. "Never. Trick or treating in Freeridge is a no go" Ruby explained to her all the tragic Halloween's we had in the past.

"Brentwood" I laughed at Jamal as he kept typing away on his phone. He kept repeating the word over and over. "You want to go to Gringo town" he nodded getting a hold of my hand and pulling me aside. "I gonna get the roller world money abuelita got me the name of the girlfriend of one of the Santos that stole the money and she lives at Brentwood" if anyone deserves to find that money was Jamal so I was gonna help him if I could.

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