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While Jamal ran around like a headless chicken me and Ruby were awkwardly sitting next to each other

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While Jamal ran around like a headless chicken me and Ruby were awkwardly sitting next to each other. My heart stopped our lips almost met. His minty breath had slightly breezed my face. I promised myself to forgot about him. Yet, his eyes wandered over my body like he was trying to read me.

"Well this is awkward..." he said breaking that tension between us. I turned to face him trying to read him. Was it possible that this aching feeling I had for him was something he felt too. His eyes twinkled as he slowly scanned my face his hand reaching in.

Our bodies meeting at last fitting perfectly as if we were meant for each other. His sweet lips touching mine softly making it seem as if I was fragile. Yet, the kiss was passionate as if we both longed for this. It was a feeling I had never felt before. As if our souls had become one and they were at peace now that we were intertwined.

"Let's play a game" Jamal yelled from a room. Ruby pulled away looking away from me immediately. I looked down unsure if he actually felt what I had felt. "Uh you can't turn the a/c up that high you're going to blow the power" Jamal was panting by the a/c while Ruby worried about losing his power.

"I need to regulate my body temperature" I rolled my eyes. Cesar is putting Jamal through too much. Olivia and Monse joined us and it was as if the kiss we had shared was just a dream. "What kinda games you wanna play? You guys feeling words, pictures, cards" a bright smile on his face making my heart shatter into pieces.

"How bout smash, marry kill?" The lights shut off after Olivia suggested the game. Everyone was angry at Jamal. Ruby had even pulled him into the kitchen. I was still sitting on the couch a certain kiss still in my mind. "Hey are you joining us" Olivia asked curious about my absence in the game. "Sure why not" I sat on the chair farthest from Olivia.
The whole game was a bunch of bullshit. I decided it was better to zone out. Which was cut off by Olivia marrying Ruby. He was excited and it seemed like I didn't exist anymore.

I was walking to get my stuff to leave when Cesar entered. "You kissed Olivia" he was stopped right in his tracks by Monse the lights went on, everything was silent. "Is it true" an angry Ruby screamed at his friend. "Yeah" Cesar explained in a regretful tone.

"Wait is he the guy" Olivia asked dumbfounded. Monse afraid on what to say found the way to finally break my heart once an for all. "This isn't about me. It's about Ruby, he's in love with Olivia." My eyes swelled but instead I walk away. I left the house the guilty eyes of Cesar followed me out.
I sat in front of a liquor store smoking some weed from some random man who was selling it. My mind was all foggy that it took me a while to realize someone sat next to me. "Hey honey who's ass do I have to beat" I laughed passing the blunt to Cohen.

"None don't worry about how you been" he placed his around over my shoulders. "I been great angel guess what?" I smiled at him I'd never seen him as happy as this. " I have enough money to leave this forsaken town I'm going to get myself back to school and get a career and all that shit" he layed down looking up to sky with an enthusiastic smile his eyes twinkling.

I layed down placing my head on his shoulder. "I'm so happy for you, you really deserve to be happy Cohen but please don't forget about me". He turned immediately his eyes intensely meeting mine as he held onto my face.

"Look it here princess you have a special place in my heart I'll never forget you, and I shouldn't say this but I love you", I kissed his lips desperately trying to find a reason to say that I love him back but my heart belong to someone else.

"Hey, I need to get going and you should too it's not safe at this time" he stood up walking away. I walked the other way making my way home but I turned at the sound of a gunshot. People ran for there lives. My eyes frantically looked for Cohen. When I finally met his eyes his hand held a deep wound at the side of his hip.

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