Chapter 6

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I held Toby in my arms while he slept. He didn't want to leave and apparently he was up all night watching over me and cleaning up. This man is crazy and I loved it. He looks so small in my arms and I couldn't help but to kiss his face. He seemed to lean into my touch with every kiss.

He only wanted love. Oddison just happened to ruin any choice of relationship for him, but not before giving him hope and children. He also said something that bothered me. Toby still being bound to him, even after he has his mate? It didn't make sense. He must be lying to scare us out of having sex. Toby opened his eyes and looked wearily back at me. He must've noticed my restless fidgeting.

"Go back to sleep," I whispered. Toby closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped Toby in it before I carried him to my car and drove us to his house. I carried him up to his house and knocked. Dawn answered the door, letting me in. Twilight and Candy stood in the living room, and Dusk is picking up some clothes off the floor. Twilight saw me and sighed.

"Thank goodness he's alright," she said. Candy smiled and waved at me and I smiled back.

"What happened?" I asked, scanning their house. It's like a storm formed in here and wrecked the place. The windows are cracked and the furniture is broken. The wallpaper has been singed off and the kitchen is nothing but shattered glass.

"Dad and his mate came looking for mom and tore up the house when we told him he wasn't here," Dusk explained.

"We were concerned for mom's safety," Dawn added. "And so we were going to check on you and pack the needed supplies."

"And I was getting Candy here to help us," Twilight finished. Candy nodded and smiled. Twilight wasn't attacking Candy? I wondered how the hell that worked out without there being more chaos.

"What all did he destroy, besides what I can see from standing here?" I asked. Dawn looked at Dusk and they both shrugged.

"He didn't go upstairs, and as soon as he walked out the door, Dusk and Twi used their added strength and power to put up a force field to keep them out," Dawn said.

Just Dusk and Twilight? Why didn't Dawn help? It could've made the shield stronger with all three of them working together. But I guess it doesn't matter, as long as Damien and Oddison didn't come back. No one was hurt so it's alright.

"I'll go take him upstairs then," I told them. "So you guys can get the place cleaned up."

They all nodded and continued cleaning, all except for Candy who just held the mop in her hands, looking confused.

I made my way to the room that smelled most like Toby and laid him down onto the sheets. Toby sighed and rolled onto his stomach. I smiled sadly down at him.

I wanted to lay next to him, but who knows what he'll think when he wakes up. I know he doesn't hate me for my stupid decisions in the past, but I still feel guilty, and it ate me up for even being near him. I built up the courage and kicked off my shoes, laying next to him. He's warm and his body fit next to mine like a puzzle. His hair is a tangled mess behind him and I gently sandwiched it between us. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I had a dream, or at least, I think I was dreaming. I'm standing in front of the castle where Oddison had lived before.


The next thin I knew, I was inside and now I'm stuck in place in front of the man in control. Everyone called him Father, no matter who they were or their knowledge of him. Father glared down at me, his hands behind his back. His dark eyes scanned my body and he sneered.

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