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"So what about the locket?"

Frederiko looked to me and then to Reid. Cadenza stood next to her husband, looking over his shoulder at the old scroll in his hand.

"It's a very old power source. According to this scroll, it has a dormant power crystal that can be used as a source of power as well as taking out kingdoms. One almost took out the world. This particular crystal isn't strong enough to destroy everything but it can still do major damage."

"So we can use it to destroy VanBrooke and get rid of Damien and his offspring," Reid said, holding the locket in his hand.

Cadenza looked to her husband, who sighed, taking off his glasses. "It can destroy VanBrooke, but it would only harm more than do any good."

"Getting rid of Damien is plenty good."

"Yes, but the casualties will most likely destroy species," Frederiko said.

"We have to find a way to keep this crystal dormant and get rid of Damien without killing too many people," I said. Cadenza nodded.

"I agree with Toby. If we keep the crystal dormant, we could use it for other purposes, not for destruction."

"Candy wouldn't want to harm many people," I told Reid. He clutched the locket in his hand.

"Is this meeting over? I have somewhere to go," Reid said suddenly. Frederiko rolled up his scroll and nodded.

"I supposed so," he said. Reid nodded and left on the spot.

"He seems to want to leave faster and faster," Cadenza said softly. I nodded.

"He's been visiting Candy's grave more often. He spends hours just sitting there. It's really sad, but I want him to get out his stress and loss without drinking," I said. They nodded in understanding.

I stood and adjusted my sweater. "I've got to check on my children." They nodded again and I teleported out of their office and into the med bay hallway. I started with Barry and Noah, since Noah is my kid now, whether Reid likes it or not. I walked inside the hospital room and smiled in relief. Emiliah was sitting up, holding a small cup of water, with the help of her son.

"Hey Toby, what did I miss?" She asked, smiling.

I ran up to her and hugged her tightly. "I missed you so much! I was worried sick!"

"I'm alright, I promise, I just hit my head really hard and put myself into a mini coma," she said.

I let her go and wiped my face. "I'm so glad your okay," I said. She smiled. I turned to Noah, who wasn't wearing his sling anymore. "How's your arm?" I asked.

Noah waved his arm and smiled. "I'm completely healed," he said. I hugged him tightly.

"I'm glad you're alright too," I said. He blushed and Barry smiled at him.

"How's everyone else?" Emiliah asked.

"Well... they are healing themselves," I told her. Her silver eyes narrowed at me. "Dawn is healing from the surgeries and Twilight has some mental trauma but they are healing, slowly but surely."

Emiliah blinked. "I'm so sorry."

"We'll get through this. Rest up and we can talk more later," I told her. She nodded and smiled to her son.

I left the room and went down the other hallway. Dawn's door was cracked open. I knocked and opened the door. Dawn was standing, leaning against the bed. His head darted to me and he smiled. "Hey Mom. I'm mostly healed."

I walked to him and helped him sit down onto the bed. He sighed and leaned back on the bed. "Where's your brother?" I asked. Dawn sighed, pushed his bangs away from his face.

"He's angry and so he went to calm down," he said. "He was mad at the doctor because he was letting me know everything but Dusk kept muttering under his breath about how things could've been different. And so I told him to leave and then he got angry again and teleported out."

I sighed, I don't understand why he and Twilight have major anger issues. "He'll come around. You just gotta get rested so you can get moving again." Dawn nodded.

"Oh! Luna came in with a really pretty baby. She told me what Twilight was going through and I feel really bad. I hope she accepts that adorable little baby."

I nodded. "Me too. When you're all healed up, you should visit your sister." Dawn nodded.

I waved and left to go over to Twilight's room. The spell on her should've worn off by now. "Twilight?" I asked, opening the door.

"Hey mom!" She said, smiling at me. I smiled back. She was holding the small boy in her arms. "I think I'll name him Markyl." I sighed in relief. She's coming around. She'll be a good parent.

"That's a lovely name for him. Welcome to our weird family, Markyl." The small baby cooed and giggled. Twilight kissed the baby on the forehead.

"I'll take the best of care of him. Candy wanted to see him grow up to be strong." I smiled sadly.

"We can all help raise him as well," I told her. She nodded.

"I didn't have any worries about that. Luna really likes being an auntie."

I laughed. That is true. Luna has been all over taking care of him.

I let her take care of her son and teleported to the place I knew I'd find Reid. The family cemetery. I didn't know it was there until we had a very small service for those that had passed. Candy was buried with a special shrine and people came by, giving her gifts and saying goodbyes.

Reid was sitting next to shrine, holding a singular blue rose. He placed the rose on her grave and stood, dusting off his pants. "You could wear your jacket when you visit her, you know?" I told him. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around me.

"I could, but winter will be over soon," he replied, "besides, I don't get so cold that easily."

I laughed. "You're gonna get sick." He smirked and kissed me softly.

"Then you're gonna take care of me," he said. I rolled my eyes and he laughed.

"Let's go inside and get some hot chocolate before shit starts hitting the fan," I told him. He nodded and we walked inside.

I'm so sorry this took forever! But thanks for those who stuck through and read the first one. There's a third and final book currently in the works and will hopefully be done in a shorter time than this one did! I hope you enjoy this one as well!~

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