Chapter 16

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Toby kept his head down as we walked into Frederiko's office. Things were getting fixed all around, but Toby was still going through a stressful time. His daughter and son were grieving over a loss, while he waited for his best friend to recover from her head injury.

And to top it all off, I got drunk and fought the enemy. I can't believe I even thought to attack him. I don't even remember attacking, only waking up to Frederiko taking me into the medical bay to get my stomach pumped and my blood cleaned. 

Good job, I thought bitterly. I slammed into the open door, falling to the ground.

"Are you okay?" He asked, I looked up to see Toby, his eyes wide with shock. I nodded and got to my feet, sighing. I haven't been sleeping a lot lately. Mainly because of the oncoming war we have with a vengeful husband. Toby is also another big reason. Although he said he'd help me stop drinking, I feel like he's been distant from me. It could be because of his children, but something in me feels like it isn't just that.

Frederiko looked between us and motioned for us to come inside his office. It was yet another meeting about war plans and after a therapy session so that Toby and I aren't arguing as much. Cadenza sat on the corner, her eyes glued to the book in her hands. I sat down at the desk across from where Frederiko sits and Toby joined me. Frederiko sat after Toby and cleared his throat.

"We need to come up with an escape route, just in case something wrong happens to our plans. Evacuation of the town is too dangerous, and leaving them in the open isn't an option," he explained. He pulled up a map of the kingdom.

"We can have bunkers and hideaways for people to escape into, just as a small precaution, as well as tunnels reinforced with concrete to allow people to escape safely to our safe zone," Toby said, pointing on the map to a small area just on the outskirts of the kingdom.

Frederiko nodded. "That is smart, but we can't have a mass of people going to one area. We need separate safe zones for people to go into so that not everyone is at major risk of getting attacked."

This went on for another hour before the real fun begins. Therapy. Frederiko then changed his commander personality for a soft therapist. Cadenza joined us and smiled sweetly to us. "How's the married life, besides all that has happened?" She asked.

"We've been doing well," Toby said. Fucking lie. I've felt like shit this entire time, and he's been arguing with me since I got out of the medical bay. Most of the time he avoids me completely.

"So you seem to have a lot on your mind," Frederiko said, looking to me. I blinked as everyone's gaze was on me. Toby crossed his arms.

"So what are you thinking about?" He asked.

"Just thinking about how quickly you were to lie about us being alright," I responded. He blinked in confusion.

"What are you talking about? I didn't lie to him. We just started," He said.

Frederiko cleared his throat, making us turn to look to him. "Reid, tell us what is on you mind."

I sighed. "Toby has been avoiding me, I've been feeling sick and he hasn't bothered to ask, and every time I try to talk to him it's an argument. Always an argument."

"I haven't been avoiding you. Ive been busy checking on my children and my best friend as well as making plans with Frederiko about the war," Toby explained.

"He's telling the truth, Reid. Tobias has been busy checking up on everything."

"But that doesn't explain why he's always arguing with me when I try talking to him." I said, turning back to Toby.

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