Chapter 8

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I walked down the hall to Father's office. The door was cracked so i let myself in and sat patiently in the chair across from him as he wrote something down. He didn't look up from the page as he spoke.

"I see that you've proposed. Are you ready to become king?"

"Not really," I responded honestly. "I don't like the idea of ruling over people."

Father took his eyes off the paper to stare me down. I wanted to flinch, but his stare kept me from moving at all. "Why is that? Because you've been ruled over for such a long time?"

I shook my head. "It's nothing like that. I don't think think they would appreciate their new king as an old prostitute." Father's eyes flashed, and before I could tell why, it was gone again.

"I understand. I will address them of the matter," he responded. He continued to write. "You may return to your fiancé," he added.

I felt a little skeptical that that was all he wanted to talk to me about, but I nodded and teleported back to the dining room. Only the servants were there, cleaning up after the dinner. They finished dinner already?

"Where's Toby?" I asked. A man walked up, his hair pure white, and his eyes matching his hair. He looked at me and crossed his arms.

"Who's asking?" He replied, his pointed teeth clicking together.

"His fiancé, Reid," I replied. The demon relaxed and smiled as he pointed to the door.

"They went to the parlor down the hall. I'm Niko, the chef of this castle. If you ever suffer from hunger, I cater!" He greeted me. I gave him my thanks and went down the hall to where Niko had said he was.

I sighed in relief when I saw them all sitting around a huge television watching a movie. Toby saw me and patted the empty cushion next to him. Dawn and Dusk had Skye sitting in between themselves, and Twilight sat with Candy in her lap, gently stroking her long black hair. Something told me they were mates at this point.

I sat next to Toby and wrapped my arm around his shoulders. He leaned his head against me and I sighed in content. The movie was an animated cartoon, probably for Skye's sake.

Halfway through the the movie, I felt myself doze off. It was a blank sleep like usual and it somehow made me feel calm. I started to think about all the crazy things that are going on. Like me being a king. Me? King? I don't see that happening. People aren't going to listen to me, no one listens to a whore.

I was shaken awake and I blinked the haze away to see Toby smiling down on me.

"Everyone's asleep, come help me take them to their rooms," He whispered. I nodded and sat up, stretching my arms over my head. Toby grabbed Skye and pointed to her parents. "Can you help me teleport them to their room?"

I nodded and gently set my hands on their shoulders and Toby put his hand on my shoulder to teleport us to their room. I set them on their bed. Dawn and Dusk cuddled up with each other while Toby put Skye into her crib. I grabbed Toby's hand and we teleported back to see that Twilight and Candy are awake, sitting up.

"Twilight?" Toby asked, making her jump. Twilight grabbed Candy in her arms and then they vanished. Toby blinked in confusion and looked at me, then grabbed my arm.

We teleported to another bedroom that was plainly simple, yet unique. I laid on the bed and sighed contently. Toby laid next to me, wrapping his arms around my torso and nuzzling his face against my chest.

"I love you," I told him, holding him close to me. "So much."

"I love you too, Reid," Toby replied.

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