Chapter 1

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"Mom, you zoned out again," my daughter's voice said, her green eyes suddenly in front of mine. She was sitting across from me at the dining table. Her brothers, Dawn and Dusk, are busy trying to get their daughter, Skye, to eat her food.

A lot has happened in a year. I had gotten drunk at the bar one night, and woke up to a bartender who seemed nice. I was drugged and taken to another world, Underfalls as it's called, and became a demon. Then the man I had fallen for turned out to have another mate.

I smiled at Twilight. "Sorry, Twi. I just have a lot on my mind."

Oliver nodded in understanding. Oliver is Twilight's fiancé, and she absolutely loves this human.

"If you need to talk about anything, you know you have us," Dawn told me. Dusk nodded and put more chopped vegetables onto his daughter's tray.

Skye threw everything onto the floor and kicked her legs. "No more! Play time!" She cried.

"Just let her down and put her in the playpen," Dusk said, sighing. Dawn picked up their daughter and took her into the living room.

"What's bothering you, mom?" Twilight asked, turning towards me.

I can't possibly tell them that I missed their father. Who knows what reaction I might get from them. Twilight tapped the table, waiting for my response.

"It's nothing, just a bit lonely," I told her, and it's not exactly a lie.

"Lonely? You have us!" Twilight gestured from herself to Dusk. Dusk looks confused between us.

"That's not the kind of lonely he's talking about," Dusk said. Twilight's eyes lit up when she realized. "If that's the case, you could always try online dating."

"Mom is too good to be putting himself onto the Internet. I think Reid will be at the party tomorrow, maybe you could talk to him."

Reid? I bit my lip nervously. I've never heard of them.

"Twi, you mother doesn't know who Reid is," Oliver said. Twilight huffed and vanished.

"Who's Reid?" I asked.

"Reid is a shapeshifter that lives next door to Emiliah and Bradley. He's good friends with Bradley, and Barry really looks up to him."

Reid. I didn't even know that Emiliah had neighbors. As many times I've been to her house, I haven't seen a neighbor once. Dawn came back into the dining room and slumped into the seat next to his mate.

"Next child we have, we are definitely going to Underfalls," Dawn said with a huff. Dusk laughed and gently kissed his cheek. I got up and started to clear the table. Dusk and Dawn went to watch over their daughter as Oliver stayed back to help me clean.

"Yanno, you put yourself through a lot for this family. You deserve a break and someone to help you with this house," Oliver said as he put dishes into the sink. He brushed his hand through his pale blonde hair that's currently slicked back. Then his gaze met mine. "Oddison doesn't deserve someone like you."

It's like he read my mind. I sighed and leaned against the counter. "I know, and I've tried to keep him off my mind, but it's so hard. He has a family now, and I couldn't possibly break that up." Although he shattered mine.

"But he isn't your mate. You need to find your mate to make yourself feel better. According to Twilight, if you don't have your mate, you slowly start to deteriorate, and I've noticed that you stopped eating lately." I felt my face heat up in embarrassment. I didn't even notice it. "You just need your mate, that's all."

I swallowed hard, then sighed, defeated. I knew he was right. I do need my mate. I teleported to my room and threw myself onto the soft queen-sized bed. I buried myself under the thick blankets, and the warmth comforted me as I wept.

I cried because I missed having someone to hold me, to have warm arms around me as warm as these blankets. I cried because my kids managed to find happiness when I'm still in agony, and although I'm happy for them, I can't yet find happiness for myself. I cried to relieve the pain I felt in my chest for so long. I cried myself to sleep.

The soft knocking at the door woke me. I didn't get up at first, hoping that they would just go away. Then the knocking came again, a bit louder. I pushed myself up off the bed and opened the door. Dawn stood with Skye in his arms, her big blue eyes looking up at me.

"She wanted to sleep with her grandma," he said. He yawned and held her to me as Skye reached for me. I scooped her into my arms and nodded to Dawn.

Although Skye is only one year old in this world, she's much more developed than she lets on. She can talk in complete sentences and she can respond with helpful advice, but she only does it with me. I'm not sure why, why she trusts me than her own parents, or why it's me she talks to, but I'll keep her secret.

I laid her down on the bed and she yawned. "Daddy and mommy were talking about you," she said, laying on a small pillow.

I raised an eyebrow. "Really? What did they say?" Skye rubbed her eye and glanced over at the door.

"Daddy said that you were sad since Oddison left. Mommy said that you needed time to find your mate. What's a mate?" Skye cocked her head. I smiled softly and sat down beside her.

"A mate is someone special that you find someday. Don't worry too much about it now, it's time for bed." Skye nodded and flopped over on her side of the bed. I tucked the blanket around her and I curled up, then fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to hear the usual movement of the other bustling around the house. Skye woke up crying, probably wanting to go back to her parents. I carried her out into the hallway and handed her off to Dusk, who just happened to be walking by. He nodded a thanks and carried her to their room. I made my way downstairs and saw Twilight and Oliver packing things up.

"Don't forget the big glass bowl, chips, and bags of ice," Twilight listed. Oliver nodded and grabbed a large tote bag to carry all of the stuff in. Twilight saw me and gasped. "Mom you gotta get ready! We overslept and the party starts at one!"

She turned me around and pushed me back towards the stairs. Dawn and Dusk came running down the stairs with Skye, who is shaking a toy cat ball with a bell inside.

I made my way back to my room and dressed in a loose hoodie and some blue jeans. I don't really want to wear anything too wild or anything formal, so I just wore casual clothes.

I quickly brushed my hair into a ponytail and slipped on my converse shoes. I conjured up my keys and went back downstairs to find everyone packing up the last of the items we're taking to Emiliah's house.

Soon, we all piled into the van I bought to fit our growing family. Everyone sat in the back of the van, leaving the front seat empty next to me. Emiliah lives in Oddison's old house, but now it's redecorated with warm colors and has a very different feeling to it.

It hurts me to see the place, and I'm thankful that Emiliah had made so many changes to it, but the memory of my first night here digs into my mind and gnaws at my heart.

I stopped the van and everyone got out. As we starting unpacking the van, I noticed an unfamiliar guy walking up to the front door. He has short white hair and he's dressed in a black V-neck with sleeves that reach his elbows, and dark blue jeans. He knocked twice and the door opened.

Then he turned towards our direction, and as his gaze met mine, I felt a shock. It coursed through my body and hit something deep inside, and suddenly understanding came to me.

It's him. My mate.

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